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Oculus Blog
August 20, 2019

We’re just a month away from our biggest annual event. This year’s Oculus Connect is shaping up to be an exciting gathering of the AR/VR community that will spark conversation and inspire next-generation ideas. Whether you’re new to the AR/VR ecosystem or a seasoned developer looking to break ground on a project, we’ve got a great mix of panels and talks that will set you up for success.

Last month, we gave you a sneak peek at the program for a taste of what’s in store. Today, we’re revealing another wave of sessions, lightning talks, workshops, and panels featuring speakers from Facebook, Beat Games, SUPERHOT VR, National Geographic, and more.

Here are some of the highlights:

Beat Saber: Creating a Winning Rhythm
Deborah Guzman Barrios, Developer Strategy, Facebook; Trevor Dasch, Developer Relations Engineering, Facebook
Dive into the history behind Beat Saber’s creation and hear from the Beat Games team as they share the lessons learned from building, launching, and iterating on one of VR’s more popular titles.

Creators and Consumers: Two Sides of the Same Coin
Colum Slevin, Head of Media, Facebook
Creating a two-sided market for storytellers and their audiences is a long-term goal. Learn how the Facebook AR/VR team is working to build a path to this future.

Leveraging Data to Drive Developer Success
Jennifer Kim, Data Scientist, Facebook; Joseph Malandruccolo, Software Engineer, Facebook
How can you succeed on the Oculus Store? Join us for a look at the quantitative and qualitative data that show which features are most likely to improve performance and meaningfully improve your app’s conversion rate.

Mixed Reality Capture for Quest
Xiang Wei, Tech Lead Manager, Facebook; Kevin Xiao, Software Engineer, Facebook
One of the biggest challenges to VR adoption is the ability to share its power and excitement with those who don’t have a headset in a scalable way. This presentation will describe how to add mixed reality capture support to your Quest applications, as well as important considerations to bear in mind. It will also introduce our updated camera calibration and capture workflows that are designed for developers, streamers, and influencers.

My First AR Effect: Getting Started in Spark AR Studio
Dan Moller, AR Prototyper, Facebook
Discover just how quickly and easily you can build a range of sophisticated AR experiences, then effortlessly publish them for an audience of billions. We’ll look at asset prep and import, scene setup, logic, and publishing to get you up to speed in no time.

Spark AR for Places and Things
Campbell Orme, Product Designer, Facebook
In this session, you’ll see different ways you can build AR experiences that are connected to real-world locations, environments, or objects.

SUPERHOT VR on Quest: From 100W to 4W in 12 Months
Mark Schramm, VR Developer, Superhot; Dr. Luke Thompson, Lead Programmer, Superhot
Programmers Dr. Luke Thompson and Mark Schramm take you on a (mostly) chronological journey to get their award-winning VR game running on a standalone HMD, and making it the best version to date. This talk will include the technical hurdles, triumphs, hints, tips and mistakes made while developing SUPERHOT, along with the larger lessons learned about how best to develop for Quest—whether porting or starting from scratch.

Transforming Conservation with National Geographic and Woodland Park Zoo
Cindy Ball, AR/VR Policy Manager, Facebook (Moderator) National Geographic is transforming their celebrated 130-year-old live event series with immersive experiences in their 400-seat VR Theater, and Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo is using 360° films to protect rhinos. Learn how VR can increase empathy and motivate conservation action.

Transforming Corporate Training with VR
Manal Houri, Digital Transformation Manager, Facebook (Moderator)
VR is gaining momentum as more and more companies reimagine what the power of immersive technologies can bring to the world of learning and development. Hear from leaders in the space who are leveraging the compelling capabilities of VR to build impactful learning experiences, deploying this new learning modality within large companies, and helping establish new design and development approaches to building scalable learning solutions.

Virtual Community: Why Community Is Essential to the Success of VR
Tyler Hopf, Product Design Manager, Facebook
VR Communities are real and thriving. They cover a wide variety of social needs and provide a necessary place for communities to gather, often despite distance between members. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Facebook Product Design Manager Tyler Hopf knows how important it is to have a place for people to feel like they belong, especially for communities that don’t feel safe to express themselves in real life or lack the support systems they need. Drawing on his background as an architect, Hopf will illustrate the unique value of placeness that VR can provide to communities and review techniques for designing virtual spaces that encourage social interaction and foster community.

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We hope you’ll join us as we explore new ways to deepen human connection.