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Oculus @ IndieCade: Networking + Developer Office Hours
Oculus Blog
October 7, 2019

IndieCade kicks off October 10 in Santa Monica, and we’re excited to help celebrate some of the amazing work being done by independent developers. Attendees can get hands-on with Fujii and The Under Presents, two unique and highly stylized titles available on the Oculus Platform.

“IndieCade is the premiere gathering for artists, developers, and thinkers of play to share in the breadth of possibilities and explore innovations of play,” says IndieCade Festival Director Sam Roberts. “The IndieCade Festivals aims to push the boundaries of what play can be, starting with showing and recognizing diverse work in diverse fields from diverse creators all over the world. By creating a dialogue between creators across the globe, across disciplines, and across cultural boundaries, we help open doors to new, innovative, and exciting work.”

If you’re heading to the show, here’s where you can catch us:

October 10

  • 11:30 am PT // Birds of a Feather Developer Roundtable Discussion– Hosted By Oculus and IndieCade Alumni // Room 216, Followed by Office Hours
  • 1:30 pm PT // Drop-In VR Help / Meet & Greet (Oculus Help Desk) // Room 214

Each year, IndieCade brings gamers, academics, and developers together to celebrate the vibrant landscape of indie gaming. We can’t wait to see what this year’s event holds.

As Roberts notes, “Play is the medium of this century, and the emerging technologies that will help it return to roots in social, physicalized, real-world immersed experience will only be utilized best if we start now to learn from one another and build on the incredible knowledge the world already has about how to express playfully.”

We’ll see you in Santa Monica.