Oculus @ Tribeca: Episodic Horror, VR for Good, OK Go, and More

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April 19, 2018

Last month, we announced that six Oculus projects were named official selections of the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival. Today, we’re excited to share all of the ways that festival attendees can connect with Oculus and experience some of our newest and most groundbreaking immersive content.

Virtual Arcade

Grab a ticket for a three-hour session in the Virtual Arcade, a collection of 26 exhibits including 21 world premieres. Click here to download the exhibit map and plot your visit to include these exciting new Oculus projects:

Campfire Creepers: Midnight March
When the kids at Camp Coyote are forced on a brutal midnight march by their sadistic counselors, one boy reaches his breaking point. He turns the tables on the bullies, revealing a surprising secret about himself in the process. Master of horror Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes, High Tension) invites viewers on a thrilling ride that will leave them gasping. Coming to Rift and Gear VR on April 21.

Lambchild Superstar: Making Music in the Menagerie of the Holy Cow
Innovative creators Chris Milk and OK Go’s Damian Kulash invite pairs of participants into a wondrous environment where they can experience the joy of creating music through collaboration. In this virtual world replete with magical music-making contraptions, friendly animals, and robots, audience members work together to create an original song.

“At first, Chris and I set out to collaborate on an OK Go music video in VR, but we soon realized there were more exciting ideas to chase,” explains Kulash. “Our videos are all about control—about how painstakingly we’ve choreographed what’s in that little rectangle of screen—which is sort of antithetical to VR, where the whole point is to let viewers explore and make their own choices. So we flipped it on its head: instead of sharing ‘finished’ things we've made ourselves, we want to share what it feels like to make them.”

SPHERES: Pale Blue Dot
Narrated by punk legend Patti Smith, this episode continues Writer + Director Eliza McNitt’s interstellar saga. In this cosmic journey from the edges of the universe to our “pale blue dot,” the viewer uncovers echoes of the Big Bang; gazes back in time; traces the history of sound across the cosmos, uncovering the strangest song of all; and traverses the universe, ultimately finding a path home.

Social Good Spotlight
We’re also thrilled to have two VR for Good Creators Lab projects exhibiting in this year’s Virtual Arcade, helping raise awareness and inspire action to address serious social issues.

The Hidden
There are currently more people living in slavery than at any other time in human history. One such family has been enslaved in a rock quarry in southern India for 10 years—over a paltry debt of $70 USD. Indian government representatives, supported by the human rights group International Justice Mission, plot a daring raid to free the family. Directed by Lindsay Branham as part of Oculus VR for Good’s 2017 Creators Lab.

Meeting a Monster
Through audio recordings and re-enactments, former white supremacist Angela King relives the memories of, and motivations behind, the eight years she spent inside the white power movement—and the path she took to get out. While the monsters of Angela’s past define the years she spent mired in hate, she finds redemption only after acknowledging the ultimate monster: herself. Directed by Gabriela Arp in collaboration with Life After Hate as part of Oculus VR for Good’s 2017 Creators Lab.

Game On
Last, but not least, our friends at Owlchemy Labs are on hand to demo their latest entry in the popular VR sim game category.

Vacation Simulator
The follow-up to the wildly popular VR game Job Simulator, Vacation Simulator returns participants to the world of Owlchemy Labs, where they can visit Vacation Island and experience recreation, optimal relaxation, and classic human pastimes like “sunburn.” Vacation Island offers all this and more, helping visitors rediscover the lost art of “time off.” Coming to Rift in 2018.


New for 2018, Tribeca’s Cinema360 lets you experience 360° mobile VR content in an immersive theater setting. Each screening program is presented twice daily from April 21 through April 28. We’re proud to have several pieces of Oculus content included in these curated selections:

It’s Right Behind You
Dying for more Campfire Creepers? Check out this horror-themed trio of 360° experiences for another dose with Campfire Creepers: The Skull of Sam starring Robert Englund (aka Freddy Krueger).

French horror auteur Alexandre Aja also directs this creepy tale of a couple who encounters a vicious stranger in the woods, who has plans to add them to his rather unique collection. But by injecting humor into this horrific scenario, the experience invites audiences to laugh between the screams. Coming soon to Rift and Gear VR. Click here to view the full schedule.

VR for Good Creators Lab
Tribeca will screen Authentically Us: She Flies By Her Own Wings alongside The Hidden and Meeting a Monster as part of a curated collection highlighting the use of VR to raise awareness of a variety of social issues and help effect change.

Part of the Authentically Us trilogy from FOVRTH Studios, She Flies By Her Own Wings tells the story of Shannon Scott, a proud transgender veteran. Driven by the military tenet of “Leave No One Behind,” she pulls the levers of democracy urging freedom and justice for all be secured from the marbled halls of Washington, DC to the hallowed ground of those who championed equality before her. Directed by Jesse Ayala in collaboration with Pride Foundation as part of Oculus VR for Good’s 2017 Creators Lab. Click here to view the full schedule.

Tribeca Talks

After catching your must-see screenings, sit in on these stimulating talks for some inspiration from the Oculus community:

Artificial Intelligence and Augmented & Virtual Reality: The Future of Immersive Storytelling
April 24, 1:00 pm ET
Fable Studio Co-Founder Edward Saatchi discusses Wolves in the Walls and the potential impact of AR and AI on the future of narrative with Vrai Pictures Founder and Director Jessica Brillhart, IBM Watson Developer Labs & AR/VR Labs Product Director Michael Ludden, Terminal 3 Creator Asad J. Malik, and Tribeca Film Institute Interactive Programs Manager Zeina Abi Assy. Click here to learn more.

Future of Film—Education and Advocacy in VR
April 24, 2:00 pm ET
VR provides unique opportunities for teachers, creators, advocates, and audiences to connect in meaningful ways. Oculus VR for Good Executive Producer Amy Seidenwurm and SPHERES Creator Eliza McNitt join 1000 Cut Journey Co-Creator Courtney Cogburn, This is Climate Change Executive Producer Elise Pearlstein, and Tribeca Storyscapes Programmer Ingrid Kopp to discuss how VR is forging new means to immerse its viewers in issues in order to inspire, educate, and effect change. Click here to learn more.

The Future Is Now

Individually, the projects debuting at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival showcase VR’s ability to transport us to new worlds, to let us see our own world through someone else’s eyes, to entertain, to educate, and to inspire. Collectively, they speak to the depth and breadth of experiences currently available in VR—and the promise of even more meaningful artistic expression to come.

We can’t wait to see what comes next.

— The Oculus Team