Oculus @ CES 2015

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January 6, 2015

Oculus @ CES 2015

We’re at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week, showing the Oculus Rift Crescent Bay prototype for the first time publicly, along with Gear VR Innovator Edition and great mobile VR content. We’re also demonstrating high-fidelity VR audio for the very first time on PC and mobile.


Great audio is a key element of immersion and an amplifier for presence that has been largely untapped until now. The upcoming Oculus Audio SDK uses Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF) technology in conjunction with the Rift’s head tracking to achieve a sense of true 3D audio spatialization. This allows content creators to immerse you sonically in a virtual world, surrounded by realistic sounds in all directions.

audiobots-blogOne of the experiences in the updated Crescent Bay demo set, now with VR audio.

HRTFs simulate the changes to a sound when it reaches your head from a point in space. It does this by referencing data that represents changes that would happen to a sound coming from that direction. There is data for hundreds of points around your head, and the software smooths the audio between those points for a natural sound, regardless of head or sound source position.


Although HRTF technologies have been around for decades, the addition of precise head tracking makes it much more effective. We’ve gone back and revised all of our Crescent Bay demos with awesome 3D spatialized audio, along with a few surprises.

We also have Gear VR Innovator Edition showing off several of the best mobile VR games and experiences currently available in the Oculus VR Store. For those of you waiting to buy Gear VR outside the United States, we’re hard at work with Samsung supporting other regions early this year.


The Oculus booth is in the South Hall, #26002. We also have an Oculus @ CES mobile app, which you can use to schedule a Crescent Bay demo ahead of time. You can download it for iOS or Android. We’re also taking walkups for Crescent Bay and Gear VR on the show floor.

This is hands-down the biggest year ever for VR at CES. A huge thank you to all the developers, enthusiasts, and backers who made it possible. We’re looking forward to seeing many of you at the show this week!

— The Oculus Team