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Oculus Connect: Content Showcase
Oculus Blog
Posted by Oculus VR
October 10, 2017

OC4 kicks off tomorrow, and we’re excited to share some of the amazing content that’ll be playable on the show floor.

Elevator... to the Moon!

Originally announced in August, the first VR title from ROCCAT Games Studio blasts off on both Gear VR and Rift October 11. You play as a lunarnaut-slash-repairperson tasked by President of the World Doug Slater-Roccmeier to fix his elevator. We’ll give you one guess as to the elevator’s final destination. Obey and play by the rules, or wreak havoc as your mysterious AI companion looks on—the choice is yours. Click here to learn more.

Killing Floor: Incursion

Tripwire Interactive will show off Holdout, a brand-new Horde mode that challenges you and a friend to fend off waves of enemies and see how long you can survive. Completed campaign levels will unlock in Holdout, where you’ll need to defend a single location as you scavenge for weapons amid a continuous onslaught of more challenging Zeds. Holdout will be available for free in a future update for Killing Floor: Incursion.

The Well

The developers of fan-favorite Face Your Fears, and critically acclaimed FPS Left 4 Dead, Turtle Rock Studios is back with an exciting new title. The Well is a turn-based fantasy RPG with a unique art style that sets the tone for this otherworldly adventure. Recruit companions and explore the world as you defend your home planet from a demonic force. Dive into the action October 11 on Gear VR.

Space Junkies
Check out the latest build of Space Junkies, a high-speed multiplayer Rift game complete with jetpack battles. This is the latest VR title from Ubisoft, the makers of Eagle Flight, Werewolves Within, and Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

See You on the Show Floor
That’s just a taste of the immersive entertainment OC4 attendees will experience in San Jose. We’ll also let people get hands-on with Echo Arena, The Unspoken, Skyworld, and more.

And that’s not all—join us Wednesday night at 6:00 pm PT for the first-ever Echo Arena North American Regionals, live from OC4. Watch all the zero-g action live on Twitch.

Stay tuned to the blog tomorrow for more announcements and new content reveals! You can also catch the keynote livestream on Facebook, Twitch, and on Rift and Gear VR with the dedicated Oculus Connect app.

— The Oculus Team