Oculus Cross-Buy Opens Up New Horizons in Gaming

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September 3, 2021

Oculus Quest and Quest 2 took gaming to new heights with their standalone form factor, which also lets you tether to a PC for advanced VR gaming experiences. With cross-buy options on the Oculus Store, you can enjoy both the PC-supported and standalone versions of a game without having to pay for both.

Here’s the lowdown on what cross-buy means—and how you can get in on the action.

What Are Cross-Buy Games on the Oculus Store?

The “cross” in Oculus cross-buy comes from the fact that Rift and Quest headsets run on different operating systems. While many games can be played on Rift and Quest, these games are specifically designed to work on one platform or the other. The PC-supported Rift version of a game relies on a gaming PC’s GPU to power the graphics, and as a result, these games tend to have higher memory requirements.

Games for Quest headsets can operate completely independently of other systems, offering a mobile, wireless experience. By connecting to a PC via Oculus Link or Air Link, Quest headsets can also play PC-supported games made for Rift headsets.

So what does this mean for people who want to experience both versions of a game? In some cases, you’ll have to buy the same title twice if you want to experience both the Quest and Rift version. However, when it comes to cross-buy titles on the Oculus Store, you only have to buy the Quest or Rift version once to access both.

Check out some recent Oculus cross-buy titles:

Try the Latest in Oculus Cross-Buy Games

Save money and expand your VR library with new cross-buy games from the Oculus Store. Both new and existing titles add cross-buy support regularly, so be sure to check back for the latest updates.