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June 17, 2015

Last week, we announced 9 of the new titles that gamers will be able to experience on the Rift next year. All of these games are available to play at E3 2015 in Los Angeles, along with the brand new Oculus Touch tech demo, Toybox.

The Oculus booth at E3 2015

Here’s the complete list of the Rift games that are playable here at the show:

EVE: Valkyrie

EVE: Valkyrie is the award-winning, highly anticipated multiplayer dogfighting shooter that has been built from the ground up for virtual reality. Developed by CCP Games’ Newcastle studio, EVE: Valkyrie delivers the essence of space combat, combining immediate visceral action and tactical depth for unmatched intensity and immersion. Join the Valkyrie, and fly without fear or mercy.


Chronos is an atmospheric RPG that plays out over the course of a young man’s life, chronicling his quest to free the land from the curse of an evil dragon. Central to his quest is an ancient labyrinth, one that opens but once a year. The labyrinth is a test, and each time the hero fails he is cast out and must wait one year to return.

Edge of Nowhere

Edge of Nowhere is a VR third-person action-adventure from acclaimed independent developer, Insomniac Games. Travel to the far reaches of the Antarctic mountains in search of a missing expedition team. What appears to be a rescue mission takes a turn as you venture into the deep unknown and discover a surreal world that will test your wits and sanity. Scale towering mountains and use makeshift weapons to survive and avoid descending into madness. In Edge of Nowhere, nothing is what it seems and the unexpected lurks from all sides.


Esper is a first-person puzzle game set in 1975. Certain members of the public begin to display extra-sensory abilities and, in the interests of national security, the government panics and starts forcing citizens to undergo aptitude tests. As one of these people, you’ll be ‘encouraged’ by a contractor of the government to prove you’re not a threat. Put your wits to the test and use the power of telekinesis to make it through the trial so you can leave… safely.

Damaged Core


In a futuristic city under robot rule, you are an aberration: a rogue AI construct fighting to liberate humanity and uncover the truth behind your own existence. Strike quickly and fade away by transferring your consciousness from node to node throughout the city. Snipe at the robot army with a range of exotic and deadly weapon programs. Scan and hack their technology to discover secrets, deactivate their defenses, or turn your enemies into allies! Experience a genuinely immersive first person shooter running at 90 FPS with a full 360 degree stereoscopic view in the Rift. Reprogram the rules, rewrite history, and reclaim tomorrow!

Herobound: Spirit Champion


In “Herobound: Spirit Champion”, you play as the chosen avatar of the Spirit of Life. Explore the four natural realms in your quest to free the other Spirits. Each time you free one of the captive Spirits, you are granted a magical stone that imbues you with some of their power. Use the powers to face, and ultimately defeat, the Spirit of Fire. Unlock more of the world as you explore the world “room to room”, earning new powers and items to become the Spirit Champion.

Lucky’s Tale


Lucky’s Tale is a platforming adventure game designed exclusively for the Oculus Rift. Join Lucky as he runs, jumps, climbs, and spins his way through bright, colorful worlds filled with thrilling challenges, wacky creatures, and all the shiny things a little fox could ever want! Whether you’re racing with Lucky through lush trees, dodging swamp pits, battling menacing bosses, or mastering mini-games, you’ll feel like you’re really there thanks to the magic of virtual reality.

VR Sports: Challenge


Lace up your cleats, sharpen your skates, and grab a helmet as you step out of the tunnel and onto to the field, hardwood, and ice in “VR Sports: Challenge.” Experience your favorite sports like never before: call the plays and lead your team to victory as an all-pro quarterback, drain threes from around the horn as a hot handed shooter, knock the ball out of the park as long ball slugger, and lock down victory on the ice as an impenetrable goalie. “VR Sports: Challenge” puts you into the heart of the action on the Oculus Rift.

AirMech VR


Tabletop warfare comes to life in “AirMech VR”! Action and strategy combined where you choose how to play. Directly control a powerful mech on a miniature battlefield where waves of enemies relentlessly attack. Transform to air mode and place your forces for optimal defense. Many AirMech types are available each with their own abilities and style, plus tons of units with a huge variety of roles! The first real-time strategy game with action that plays best with a gamepad and no compromises. This VR version of AirMech is an all-new game created to show off the immersive yet comfortable experience the Oculus Rift can bring to this genre.

Gear VR Games at E3 2015

In addition to the new Rift titles, we’re also showing new games and experiences on Samsung Gear VR, powered by Oculus!

Hitman: GO


Hitman: GO is an award-winning turn-based strategy game with beautifully rendered diorama-style set pieces. You will strategically navigate fixed spaces on a grid to avoid enemies and take out your target or infiltrate well-guarded locations. You really have to think about each move and all the Hitman tools of the trade you would expect are included: disguises, distractions, sniper rifles and even 47’s iconic Silverballers.

Anshar Wars 2


Anshar Wars 2 is the next sci-fi action game in the ongoing conflict between Anshar and Nergal forces. Built upon the foundation of intense ship-to-ship combat from the original game, players control 3 types of spacecraft across several environments, including space and planet-side locales. There are a large variety of objective based missions to complete. Upgrades can be unlocked for your ships with experience and credits that you earn by performing well in missions. Anshar Wars 2 will be shipping this fall.

Bandit Six: Salvo


Bandit Six: Salvo thrusts you into the heart of war, defending key positions against waves of incoming enemy forces. First, position your gun turrets on your War Room map table for maximum effect, then go first person and man your machine guns, mortars, and cannons to blast hordes of enemy bombers, helicopters, landing craft, tanks, jeeps and much more before they destroy you. From the beaches of Normandy to the snowy ruins of Stalingrad, to the sun baked Pacific you’ll face tougher and more challenging missions against ever increasing numbers of enemy forces. So steel yourself, look down the sights and shoot! Bandit Six: Salvo will be shipping this fall.

Omega Agent


Strap into your very own nuclear-powered jetpack and blast into the skies of Omega Island, a volcanic sea enclave converted to a vast, intricate super-spy training facility. Soar high above its mountainous peaks for an eagle-eye view, or power dive into the underground base to get up close and physical. Test your piloting skills by weaving through the dense roads of the cityscape, or boost from rooftop to rooftop to find the quickest routes to success. Omega Island is an aerial open world where the visceral freedom of a jetpack lets you achieve your goals, your way. Step by step, you too can rise through the ranks of the elite to graduate as the ultimate spy, the elusive Omega Agent. Available now!

Shironeko VR Project


COLOPL’s biggest RPG Shironeko Project has been reborn with Gear VR functionality as Shironeko VR Project. Leap into the virtual reality world of Shironeko! Use flashy attacks and extravagant skills to wipe out your foes! Each character fights with a certain style: swordsman, lancer, warrior, archer, brawler, or mage. Build your party to fit your situation and strike out into the unknown! Every time you finish a quest, another popular character will join your cause. Available now!

If you’re at E3 this week, make sure to come by our booth in the West Hall and try out some of these incredible new experiences!

You can find a demo on Oculus Live app. Please be sure to leave us feedback after to let us know what you thought!

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the show!

— The Oculus team