Oculus Game Days: Get Hands-On with Five New Rift Titles in Boston

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Posted by Oculus VR
April 6, 2018

This week at PAX East, we’re showing off a selection of titles from indie and AAA devs that push the boundaries of VR. Oculus Game Days is open to the public today from 2:00 – 8:00 pm ET on the 5th floor of 19 Drydock Avenue in Boston—and we’re excited to share the awesome content you can play, with or without a PAX East badge.

Vox Machinae
Strap into a giant towering mech to do battle with up to 15 other players for both VR and standard PC. Choose from one of five classes—the well-balanced Catalyst, heavy-hitting Dredge, piercing Drill, cow-catching Goldrush, and lightweight Hopper—then customize your chassis with missiles, lasers, and more. Alien worlds await in this combat action-sim. Click here for more info.

Step inside a narrative-driven psychological thriller. Waking up in a strange room to discover you’ve lost your ability to see, you must explore a twisted, frightening mansion with only sound waves to guide you. As your anxiety rises, you’ll be forced to solve puzzles and uncover the truth—if you can avoid the wrath of the sinister and sadistic Warden. For more details, click here.

Paper Valley
Unlock the hidden secrets of a peaceful land filled with crumbling statues and strange monuments. Throw paper planes to explore a forgotten civilization and restore its ruins in this relaxing adventure game with a simple control scheme that players of all levels can enjoy. Follow along with @PaperValleyVR.

Space Junkies
A visceral, jetpack-fueled arcade shooter from Ubisoft, Space Junkies lets you do battle in a series of hostile Orbital Arenas. Click here to learn more.

Vacation Simulator
A fan favorite in the Oculus booth at GDC 2018, the latest VR sim from Owlchemy Labs is ready to take the East Coast by storm. Grab a tropical drink, hit the beach, and discover the lost art of time off. For details, click here.

Step into Rift
This is just a taste of the immersive games coming to Rift in 2018. We’ll share more on upcoming Oculus Studios titles as well as amazing indie games in the months to come. In the meantime, if you’re in Boston, swing by 19 Drydock Avenue from 2:00 – 8:00 pm ET today to check out the action.

And if we miss you in Boston, we’ll see you in Rift.

— The Oculus Team