Oculus Move Updates: Track Your VR Fitness Stats and Goals Outside Your Headset

Oculus Blog
March 10, 2022

Getting fit in VR is fun and convenient. You can do it on your own time wherever you want. Whether you’re smashing targets in Supernatural, throwing punches in Liteboxer, or swinging your hips in Dance Central, you’re burning real calories, and that sweat drenching your shirt is very real.

Regardless of if you’re someone who’s always made fitness a part of your daily routine, or you just discovered how you can do real body movement with Quest, you may want to set—and keep track of—your exercise goals. And with Oculus Move, Quest’s built-in fitness tracker, you can find out how many calories you burned or how many minutes you spent working out in VR.

Currently, you can only access these stats via the Oculus Move app in VR. But we know that people stay active in many ways beyond just VR, and track their fitness activities across multiple apps and platforms. You’ve told us you want the ability to check your Move stats even after taking off your Quest 2, and we’ve heard you. So starting next month, we’re giving you two new places you can opt in to check your Move stats, outside of VR:

1. Oculus mobile app. You’ll be able to choose to connect your Move app to your Oculus mobile app on iOS or Android to sync your stats, so that your workout data—including your calories burned and minutes working out in VR, plus the goals you’ve set—will be available to view on your phone. That means if you opt in to connecting your Move app to your Oculus app, you can easily check and celebrate your VR workout accomplishments from your phone anytime.

2. Apple Health. If you have an iOS device, you’ll be able to choose to sync your VR fitness progress with the Apple Health app to automatically track your VR workouts on your iPhone or Apple Watch without having to manually input information about your exercise. This means all your exercise stats, including your activities both in and out of VR, can be tracked and available in one place.

We’re excited to begin rolling out these updates next month, and we're also exploring integrations with additional fitness tracking platforms for the future.

You’re in Control of Your Data

When you use Oculus Move, we want you to feel in control of your data and confident that it will be safe and secure. We’re making sure of that in several important ways.

First, syncing your Move data to the Oculus app and to the Apple Health app is entirely opt-in, meaning that unless you choose to use these features, your Move data stays local on your headset.

If you do decide to sync your fitness data with the Oculus Mobile app, your Move stats are processed and stored on our servers in order to provide this feature and protected with end-to-end encryption on our servers. We don’t use your Oculus Move stats to inform the ads you see on any Meta services.

In order to help you fully understand how your data is used if you choose to enable these new features, we’re updating the Oculus Supplemental Data Policy to explain how we process, use, and share your fitness and activity information, and we’re showing a notice inside the Oculus Move app in VR about these updates. You can view a copy of the updated Data Policy that will take effect April 11 here, learn more about privacy in the support article here, and also learn more about these new features here.

Get Moving

VR workouts are rewarding! When your arms and shoulders are sore the morning after a lengthy session of slashing swords in Until You Fall, you know you’ve put your body to the test and moved closer to meeting your fitness goals. If you’re looking for suggestions for great VR fitness apps to try, Quest has plenty of options to choose from.

To get started with the Move app, you can find it in your Library in VR. If it’s your first time using Move, we’ll guide you through a short setup experience where you can set personalized goals.

We’re excited to give you the option to integrate your Move stats with the Oculus mobile app and Apple Health, and we hope these updates will help you make VR a key part of your fitness journey.