Oculus Picks: 4 Quest Games with Amazing Stories

Oculus Blog
January 31, 2020

Over the past few months, Oculus Picks has surfaced top-shelf games and experiences on Oculus Quest, from award-winning puzzlers to the best in family-friendly entertainment. Today, we’re looking at a handful of games that push immersive storytelling to new heights through the power of VR.

The best fiction pulls you into imaginary worlds through believable characters, creative plotting, and old fashioned world-building. It’s the same inside virtual reality, except virtual experiences also need to deliver an unmistakable sense of presence; afterall, making you feel like you’re literally inside the story is what gaming in VR is all about. To help you experience the best immersive fiction has to offer, we’ve hand-picked our favorites below.

Be sure to come back often to read about the latest games and experiences for Oculus Quest. You can also read previous coverage of Last Labyrinth and A Fisherman’s Tale to get the latest info on game updates and more.

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