Oculus Picks: 5 Quest Games for Sports Fans

Oculus Blog
February 7, 2020

Today on Oculus Picks, we’re getting physical with a handful of sports games that literally place you in the middle of the action. These experiences will test both your athletic ability and gaming prowess, so expect a real workout as you step into virtual surroundings to scale mountains, catch fish, and more.

Jump into some your favorite sports with a diverse lineup of athletic games for Oculus Quest. Whether at home or away, it’s never been easier to experience the competitive thrill of an amateur boxing match, fishing tournament, or racquetball game, so dive into the roster below to challenge yourself with the best that virtual sports have to offer.

Be sure to come back often to read about the latest games and experiences for Oculus Quest. You can also read previous coverage of The Climb and The Thrill of the Fight to get the latest info on game updates and more.

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