Oculus Picks: 5 Quest Games to Challenge Your Friends

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January 23, 2020

In our last installment of Oculus Picks, we dove into a collection of social games where you can meet up with friends and family—or someone new—and go on virtual adventures together. Today, we’re looking at a fresh crop of social games with an emphasis on tough multiplayer challenges for any player thirsting for some friendly competition.

5 Quest Games to Challenge Your Friends
Need to settle a bet? This roundup of competitive games for Oculus Quest will help you resolve friendly disputes through physical skill and virtual know-how. Below, you’ll find a diverse lineup of experiences, from blockbuster-style shootouts to futuristic racquetball, so pick your favorite, grab a few friends, and challenge them to meet you on the virtual battlefield.

Be sure to come back often to read about the latest games and experiences for Oculus Quest. You can also read previous coverage of Arizona Sunshine, Racket NX, and Beat Saber to get the latest info on game updates and more.

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