Oculus Rewind: A Look Back at 2017 in VR

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Posted by Oculus VR
December 20, 2017

From Robo Recall’s rapid-fire adrenaline rush to Mission:ISS with its breathtaking views and first-hand astronaut accounts of life aboard the International Space Station, we’ve welcomed some amazing games and experiences to the Oculus Platform in the past 365 days. With the new year just around the corner, we decided to take a look back at some 2017 gems on Gear VR and Rift.

Great With Friends

Rift // Echo Arena

Join a team of up to two other players as you glide, boost, and punch your way to victory in zero-g! With an interactive social lobby, fast-paced action, and a breathtaking virtual arena, it’s no wonder Ready At Dawn’s breakout hit took home this year’s E3 Game Critics Award for Best VR Game. Grab it now for free on the Oculus Store.

Gear VR // SingSpace

Karaoke comes home to party in this social game from Harmonix. Join friends for an intimate evening of karaoke, make new friends while singing with strangers, or submit your performance for the entire SingSpace community to enjoy with Watch & Rate. Click here to learn more.

Most Likely to Make You Cry

Rift // Dear Angelica

Painted entirely by hand in VR with Quill, Dear Angelica tells the story of a mother (Angelica) and her daughter, with the vocal talent of Geena Davis and Mae Whitman. Love and loss are explored in poignant, dreamlike ways. To learn more, click here.

Gear VR // Melita: A Human Journey

Also available on Rift, Melita tells the story of an advanced AI who helps a brilliant Inuit scientist as she searches for a habitable planet in a race against time—and the devastating effects of global climate change. Click here for more information.

Most Likely to Make You Scream

Rift // Killing Floor: Incursion

These Zeds are undead. Tripwire Interactive brings the beloved Killing Floor franchise into VR, with both co-op carnage and a narrative-driven single-player campaign. Explore creepy farmhouses, bone-filled catacombs, and high-tech facilities while fighting for survival. Learn more here.

Gear VR // Face Your Fears

From the Upside Down of Stranger Things to the suspense of Edgar Allan Poe, fan favorite Face Your Fears has something creepy, spooky, frightening, or mysterious for just about every taste. Check it out for free on the Oculus Store, or dive into the latest DLC available for purchase, “Final Approach.”

For the LOLs

Rift // Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality

It’s time to get schwifty. From portals to the Plumbus, VR takes you inside the world of the rickest Rick and the mortiest Morty to solve puzzles and complete missions in a fully voice-acted adventure. Ready to experience life as a Morty clone and all the trauma that comes with it? Get all the squanchy details here.

Gear VR // Elevator... to the Moon!

Both on mobile and PC VR, Elevator... to the Moon! puts you in the shoes of an intrepid lunarnaut/repair-person—and under the command of unhinged President of the World Doug Slater-Roccmeier. Add in a mysterious AI that a mysterious AI that ROCCAT Game Director Marc Barnes describes as the hypothetical lovechild of Max Headroom and David Bowie, and this is one comedic experience that’s not to be missed. Click here to learn more.

Best Use of Cats

Rift // Chocolate

Feline enthusiasts are sure to swoon as their hands are transformed into cannons that spray colorful chrome kittens! Cute, strange, and bubbling over with champagne, this latest offering from Tyler Hurd—the brilliant mind behind Old Friend and BUTTS—is shiny and psychedelic enough to even win over dog lovers. Check it out on the Oculus Store.

Gear VR // Cat Flight

Combining interactive CGI and education, this experience from BBC Earth tells the story of a mother caracal and her kitten searing for food in an African desert. Watch in super slo-mo as the matriarch jumps well above human height in an attempt to nab a bird mid-flight. Get it for free on Gear VR.

Visit the Oculus Store for even more Oculus Rewind highlights on Rift and Gear VR, including Coco VR and Rez Infinite—and stay tuned tomorrow for some new releases!

— The Oculus Team