Oculus Touch Tuesdays: Tilt Brush

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Posted by Oculus VR
February 21, 2017

Welcome back to the latest installment in our Touch Tuesdays series. Today, we’re celebrating the launch of Tilt Brush for Rift and Touch—now available on the Oculus Store!

Tilt Brush, which recently picked up the Lumiere award for Best VR Experience, is a tool and experience unto itself. We sat down with Product Manager Elisabeth Morant to get the broad strokes and highlights of the latest addition to Rift.

Why Rift? Why now?

Elisabeth Morant: We worked with Oculus and Facebook to bring Tilt Brush to Rift so that more people can experience the app. Ultimately, we want to see VR succeed as a medium, so we’re committed to building and delivering high-quality VR experiences no matter what platform people are using.

How does the experience of using Tilt Brush with Touch compare to other VR motion controllers?

EM: Touch is ergonomically and functionally different from other controllers. We took advantage of the capacitive buttons on the Touch controllers to give more visual feedback to users based on their hand and finger placements. The Touch controllers feel very natural, like they’re an extension of you. With Touch, it’s like you’re painting with your hands.

What type of person would get the most out of Tilt Brush?

EM: We think Tilt Brush can be a great experience for everyone —from casual doodlers to serious artists. People of all ages and backgrounds enjoy using it, and we’re excited to reach new people with Rift and Touch.

How can people share their Tilt Brush paintings with the world?

EM: There are a lot of ways artists can share their creations with Tilt Brush. While in VR, you can snap photos and GIFs of your artwork. You can also capture videos as you walk around your art and upload them straight to YouTube.

Social media is a great way to share content, and we’ve discovered a number of new Tilt Brush artists ourselves just by following what people post to websites like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. You can check some of it out by searching for #TiltBrush.

Tell us about your Artist in Residence program.

EM: Last year we started the Tilt Brush Artist in Residence program, through which we’ve worked with over 60 artists from a wide range of disciplines. Our goal for the program was to help artists of different mediums explore creation in VR while also providing feedback for how we could improve Tilt Brush. We’ve seen a lot of unique pieces of art come out of the program, and look forward to continuing to work with more artists in the future.

What’s the most interesting or unusual use of Tilt Brush you’ve seen so far?

EM: It’s hard to say—we discover new uses of Tilt Brush every day! One of my favorites is creature and character design—artists like Glen Keane and Steve Teeple (Teeps) have both talked about how being eye-to-eye with their creations at full scale in VR changes how they create.

I’m also excited to see what people start making with the recently launched Tilt Brush Toolkit. The Toolkit lets people take sketches made in Tilt Brush and bring them into other creative projects like games, films, and music videos.

How do you think VR will continue to disrupt the art world over the next few years?

EM: Creating art in VR will let artists work without regards to the materials used, the space needed, or really any other constraint. As more people get access to VR, it’s going to be easier to share these experiences with the world.

Thanks for the insights, Elisabeth! Check out Tilt Brush on the Oculus Store and share your creations using #TiltBrush on Facebook and Twitter.

— The Oculus Team