‘Paper Birds’ Part II Completes the Animated Saga on the Oculus Quest Platform

Oculus Blog
July 8, 2021

When Paper Birds Part I launched in January, we were enamored with its distinctive art style and beautiful score. Today, we’re excited to share that the animated saga is now complete with the release of Part II on the Oculus Quest Platform.

Paper Birds Part I & II is a 30-minute interactive story about Toto, a short-sighted young musician in search of true inspiration. Starring Edward Norton, Joss Stone, and Archie Yates, this VR film offers unique moments of interactivity with hand tracking, inviting you to conduct music, unlock portals, light up the invisible world, and more. In Part II, Toto journeys deeper into the invisible world to rescue his sister, Azul, discovering more about himself and his family as he travels further.

Paper Birds was developed by 3DAR, the creative team behind Gloomy Eyes, and executive produced by Baobab Studios and Oculus. For more information, check out our interview with Paper Birds Writer and Co-Director German Heller.