‘Phantom: Covert Ops’ Now Available on Oculus Quest and the Rift Platform

Oculus Blog
June 25, 2020

Today’s the day—Phantom: Covert Ops is now available for Oculus Quest and the Rift Platform!

We’ve shared quite a bit on the road up to launch, so here’s a look at what some others are saying:

“Every time I play Phantom, I come away more and more convinced we haven’t just got a modestly entertaining and novel approach to VR stealth here, but a genuine contender for the genre’s best entry yet.” —UploadVR

“While the kayak part sounds just a little ridiculous, it’s actually a genius bit of VR design which affords the game an immersive locomotion and interaction system that has huge potential. ... Phantom: Covert Ops feels like a serious game for serious gamers, rather than a casual title for VR first-timers.” —Road to VR

“... the stealthy gameplay is satisfying, the shooting is fun, and it’s just nice to see another example of VR developers thinking outside of the box and bringing us an original take on a decades old genre.” —Eurogamer

Phantom: Covert Ops really is about stealth more than big gun action, and that’s due to the kayak. ... thought has to be put into each scenario and action.” —VRFocus

“Sit in a chair in real life, sit in a kayak in the game. It removes a layer of disconnect between perceived movement and actual player movement that’s been one of the major goals in VR gaming.” —Hardcore Gamer

“Totally wacky premise. Totally fun game. Feels great in VR and is extremely comfortable to play, since you’re sitting down in real life and in the game and you’re moving at the speed of a paddled boat.” —Kotaku

“Phantom Covert Ops is VR Splinter Cell in a kayak.” —Engadget

What’s your verdict? Let us know in the comments!