Physics-Based Shooter ‘Bonelab’ Coming to Quest 2 Later This Year

Oculus Blog
April 20, 2022

One of the big reveals from our 2022 Meta Quest Gaming Showcase was Bonelab, the next immersive VR shooter from developer Stress Level Zero. Coming later this year to Quest 2 and PC VR, the game has you exploring a creepy underground lab after narrowly escaping your own execution. Inside this mysterious facility are training modules that actually transport you to different pocket dimensions. The more you complete these challenges, the more you’ll find out about why this place exists and what your role is within it.

Previously known as Project 4, Bonelab takes place in the same universe as the surreal FPS Boneworks, and the studio has spent the last two years improving its celebrated physics engine, Marrow. That means weapons and other objects in the environment behave in a realistic way, giving you the freedom to tackle the interdimensional missions (like arenas, obstacle courses, and tactical trials) however you want.

Bonelab’s body remapping system ensures that your movements in the game feel authentic no matter how different your customizable avatar’s proportions may be from your real-life body. It takes the tracked motions and proportions of the player and remaps that motion to fit the proportions of the avatar the player’s embodying. So if you touch your hips in real life, the avatar touches theirs—no matter how different your shapes and/or sizes. This also taps into a unique source of haptic feedback, as synchronizing self contact and hand proximity ensures that the visuals match what the player feels. In other words, Bonelab’s body remapping system seriously ups the ante when it comes to delivering and maintaining immersion.

You’ll have to come up with creative ways to defeat your enemies and navigate tricky room layouts through running, jumping, and climbing. And there’s more to do even after you’re done with the campaign. Bonelab will have mod support, so people from the community can work together to create new weapons, maps, and avatars for everyone to enjoy.

You can dive into Bonelab’s strange new worlds yourself when it comes to Quest 2 and PC VR later this year. Stay tuned to the Quest Store for updates!