Pre-Order ‘A Township Tale’ for Early Access + Exclusive In-Game Cosmetics

Oculus Blog
June 30, 2021

During this year’s Upload VR Showcase, Alta Reality announced that A Township Tale was making the leap from PC VR to standalone with a July 15 release on the Oculus Quest Platform. That’s still two weeks away, but you can pre-order now to receive early access and exclusive in-game cosmetics.

A Township Tale is a VR RPG that thrives on crafting mechanics by allowing players to build their equipment together. You’ll chop down and chisel timber to make the handle of a sword that you’ve forged yourself. Your new weapon will then be your partner as you embark deeper into dark caverns to search for even rarer metals and fight tougher foes.

Players are free to define their roles in A Township Tale as part of the game’s leveling systems. While everyone starts off the same, different methods of crafting and fighting will gain you experience that can unlock powerful abilities. This includes archers turning arrows into bolts of energy, as well as blacksmiths heating blades by the wave of their hand, or jack-of-all-trade ‘janitors’ vacuuming miscellaneous resources into pouches. With limited skill slots and a plethora of skills, this will help you forge a unique party with your friends for your adventure!

Will your story become legend, or will it end in tragedy? You’ll have to wait until July 15 to find out, unless you pre-order now for early access. Your adventure awaits!