Prepare to Charge Into History With ‘Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond,’ Launching November 15 for Quest 2

Oculus Blog
November 8, 2021

Prepare to relive the most iconic and pivotal moments of World War II when Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond releases for Quest 2 on November 15 for $39.99 USD—and it’s cross-buy with the Rift version! After releasing the thrilling first-person shooter on PC VR headsets last year, Respawn Entertainment is back and bringing this stand-out title to Quest 2 to fully take advantage of the standalone headset’s wireless capabilities. No need for a VR gaming PC or wires at all!

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond features a sprawling campaign that takes players from the beaches of Normandy on D-Day and the streets of occupied France, all the way to the Nazi U-boat pens. Featuring intense firefights, a wide assortment of historically accurate weapons and diverse locales to explore, this action-packed VR shooter is a great way to unwind by dismantling the Nazi regime one mission at a time.

Then when you’re ready to expand beyond the 10-hour long story, there's an opportunity to hop online with friends for fast and frenetic PvP multiplayer action. Use a variety of loadout options to take the fight to enemy players around the world. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond features 12-player multiplayer maps and five intense multiplayer game modes including Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Blast Radius, Domination, and Mad Bomber.

And in The Gallery, you can learn more about the real history behind the events depicted in Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond. This incredible collection of documentaries was produced specifically for the game, and includes Colette, the Academy Award™ winner for Best Documentary Short Subject.

Look for Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond when it drops onto Quest 2 this November 15 for $39.99 USD, including cross-buy (but not cross-play) with the Rift version.