Prepare to Jump: ‘POPULATION: ONE’ Brings Battle Royale to Quest and Rift Platforms

Oculus Blog
October 22, 2020

Check your gear and prepare for deployment! POPULATION: ONE, the first battle royale experience in VR, is available today on the Quest and Rift platforms. From BigBox VR, makers of the multiplayer shooter Smashbox Arena, POP: ONE expands traditional battle royale games with a Vertical Combat System, complex battle arena, and immersive shootouts like only VR can deliver. Better still, POP: ONE supports both cross-play and cross-buy, so you can party up and storm the battlefield on both Quest and Rift.

Like any modern battle royale, POP: ONE drops you on a huge map (about one square kilometer) with a gradually shrinking border, pushing you toward clashes with other players. But POP: ONE breaks free of established genre norms by focusing on player movement and choice through the “Vertical Combat System,” which lets you climb anything and fly anywhere. And when it’s time to seek cover, you can build just about any structure you like. Pretty much any battle royale veteran will claim victory hinges on map control, and situational awareness, so unrestricted movement is key to gaining the high ground.

You can squad up with battle-hungry compatriots online, or you can form a squad with your friends and jump into 18-player matches. Either way, you’ll explore a massive near-future arena full of shiny loot, tactical opportunities, and, if you’ve got the skill, competitive glory. BigBox VR plans to keep things fresh in POP: ONE with free updates including new features and modes, map changes, and in-game events to unlock cosmetics, so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming announcements.

If you’re ready to jump and prove your gaming mettle, check out POPULATION: ONE on the Quest or Rift Platform today.