Punch It, Chewie: ‘Star Wars Pinball VR’ Adds New Han Solo-Themed Table as a Free Add-On

Oculus Blog
May 27, 2021

It’s been nearly a month since Zen Studios released Star Wars Pinball VR on the Oculus Quest Platform and Steam. How’s it going? Have you taken down a Death Star (or two) yet? Joined the Mandalorian on a trip across the galaxy? Used the Force to save a doomed ball? Nailed every skill shot?

Whether you’ve mastered all eight Star Wars Pinball VR tables or are still a mere Padawan, Zen Studios has a treat today: Their Han Solo-themed table, from the Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within pack, is now available to add to your VR collection.

Dedicated to Han and Chewbacca’s adventures in the Classic Trilogy, the table’s playfield takes you inside the famed Millennium Falcon. Smuggle the ball into secret compartments, fix the hyperdrive, and help destroy the Death Star as you shoot for the high score. Star Wars Pinball VR puts Han and Chewie right in the room with you, reacting to your every move, so don’t get cocky, kid. You’ll also plunge right into the asteroid field, dodging stray rocks and laser fire in a newly enhanced-for-VR minigame. And of course you’ll unlock new customization options for the Fan Cave, because every home arcade needs a lifesize reproduction of Han frozen in carbonite.

The Han Solo table is free for all Star Wars Pinball VR owners. And if you haven’t picked up Star Wars Pinball VR yet? This means you can nab nine endlessly replayable pinball tables—themed around The Mandalorian, the Classic Trilogy, Star Wars Rebels, and more—for just $24.99 USD.

May the Force be with you—but if it’s not, at least now you’ll have a good blaster at your side.