Put Your Skills to the Test in the ‘In Death: Unchained’ Archery Contest, Now Through August 4

Oculus Blog
July 30, 2020

It’s been a week since In Death: Unchained brought VR’s favorite rogue-lite to Oculus Quest, and developer Superbright is keeping things interesting for the growing fan community with the first-ever In Death: Unchained Archery Contest. Now through 11:59 pm PT on August 4, you can compete in this bow-only challenge to see if you can climb the leaderboards.

“Since the announcement of the In Death: Unchained Archery Contest, we’ve been intently watching the scores our community is racking up,” says Superbright Chief Operating Officer Paweł Kopiński. “And honestly, all we can say is—our players are some truly insane archery masters! Even the best among Superbright who have been playing this game for nearly a year straight almost every day are looking at these scores in total awe and disbelief. And it seems that whenever a new record gets set, another champion soon comes along and raises the bar.”

The top 10 players with the highest scores during the contest will have their names etched into a stone plate in the game’s Sanctuary. Higher scores are easier to achieve with higher progress unlocked, so get playing.

“There are of course still five days left in the competition, so the fight is nowhere near over,” Kopiński adds. “We welcome all competitors with open arms! Take on the challenge and grab this rare opportunity to be immortalized in the game for all eternity.”

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In Death: Unchained is available on Quest.