#QuestCountdown: Arcade Action!

Oculus Blog
Posted by Chris Jurney, Head of Developer Strategy
April 17, 2019

Hi all,

Chris Jurney here again, Head of Developer Strategy at Oculus. My team works closely with developers to help bring the best games and experiences to our platform. Earlier today, we announced that Tilt Brush by Google is coming to Quest as a Day 1 experience, and now I’ve got more game announcements for Day 1 on Oculus Quest.

Have you ever felt like you were a super coordinated beetle with a lot of rage in your heart for giant amorphous beasts? Thumper is coming for Quest to smash through the barrier to that dream.

“When we first starting prototyping Thumper way back in 2009, gaming VR was just a sci-fi fantasy,” explains Drool Designer Marc Flury. “We didn’t realize our psychedelic space beetle experience would feel so perfect in VR. With a fully standalone device like Oculus Quest, the dream feels complete. Now anyone can experience Thumper in VR with no fuss and no compromise.”

Resolution Games is filling out the animal-based VR simulation portion of our Quest catalog with two games coming for launch: Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs and Bait!

Angry Birds is a massive and beloved world, and Quest lets you take revenge on evil pigs in a whole new way. “With VR, for the first time players can actually be in the game and experience gameplay with a sense of presence and immersion like never before,” says Resolution Games Co-Founder and CCO Paul Brady. “Classics can be reinvented so fans can engage with beloved IP in new ways, while completely new mechanics and gameplay ideas are coming to life. It’s an exciting time, and we’re psyched to be a part of it!”

For fishing aficionados, Bait! on Quest has you covered. The popular mobile VR game tasks you with saving an aquarium while searching for a legendary fish.

As Brady explains, “Players of the original Bait! can now experience the popular game in full six degrees of freedom with two controllers for the first time, allowing them to cast and spin the reel, grab fish from the hook, and have full head movement to truly experience the Bait! island environments.”

If you’re anything like me, you barely contain a seething rage for all plant-based foods, but in particular you have it in for fruit. Halfbrick has been at the forefront of produce perforation for some time, and they’ve leveraged that expertise in bringing Fruit Ninja VR onto Quest, where you can train in self defense against nature's sickly candies. Halfbrick CFO Rinal Deo sums it up: “Action-packed bursts of fruit slicing mayhem, paired with the ‘pick-up and play’ nature of Fruit Ninja, allow for a seamless transition from district to dojo—no matter where you are.”

RUSH is all about the adrenaline you feel before accomplishing something epic. On Quest, it’s also about the untethered thrill of wingsuit flying through canyons and sheer drops (with obstacles!) as you race to the finish line, with a never-before-seen “Molten Tropics” level to master.

“Thanks to RUSH’s full-body avatar system, the advantages of standalone VR will be felt immediately with a sense of freedom not possible before,” notes Binary Mill Director Ingmar Lak. “Whether it be peering over the edge of a cliff prior to a jump, or exploring the various play spaces within the game, players will be able to take advantage of all of their available play space making for the best possible RUSH experience.”

Given all the speculation surrounding the end of the #QuestCountdown, I thought I’d clear everything up on our plans for launch of the device, when you can finally get all these great games in your own hands. We’re still targeting Spring! We’re actively working with all these developers and more who are frantically squeezing beetles, birds, fish, fruit, and air into tight binary packages for you to enjoy on Day 1 of Oculus Quest. I’m looking forward to that specific, tantalizingly close day in the future when everyone can enjoy these great games.

We’ll have more to share soon. See you on the leaderboards.

— Chris Jurney, Head of Developer Strategy