#QuestCountdown: F8 Edition

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Posted by Phil Greenspan, Developer Strategy
May 1, 2019

That’s right, you heard it correctly—the #QuestCountdown clock has an official launch date. Set your timers to May 21! And if you just can’t wait that long, you can now pre-order Oculus Quest to be one of the very first with the next generation of Standalone VR.

The entire team has been working hard to bring you amazing content, and the office has been full of people “testing” (read: playing) games on Quest to make sure everyone’s experience is truly awesome.

So get ready for a special F8 edition of the #QuestCountdown, where we’ll be taking a look at some of the pulse-pounding, adrenaline-fueled action games that will be ready for you to play on Day One.

CREED: Rise to Glory™ lets you step into the ring as Adonis Creed and rise through the upper ranks to see if you make the cut—or look through the eyes of film franchise tigers like Rocky Balboa, Apollo Creed, and Ivan Drago. And this is a serious heavyweight title: The Quest version includes all of the Freeplay and PVP content updates to date.

“At Survios, we love to focus our games on what we call ‘Active VR’—to us, that means full-body active experiences where the player has to fully utilize their hands, arms, and body in order to play the game,” says Survios Head of Studio Mike McTyre. “We took this a step further in CREED: Rise to Glory with not only punching and blocking, but with dodging attacks at the right moment to enter into slo-mo. This rewards players for physically moving their whole upper body at the right moment during gameplay. These types of experiences are magical and can only be truly experienced in VR.”

If you’re anything like me and ‘never have time’ to workout, then maybe it’s time to break out of that box and fit into a new you with BoxVR from FitXR. This game is pumped up with more than 50 workouts set to amazing soundtrack of 100+ to get you fired up.

FitXR Co-Founder Sameer Baroova explains why untethered VR changes the game for fitness enthusiasts: “Quest’s portability means far greater access; users can now play BoxVR regardless of location, without complex or time-consuming setup, so it’s perfect whether at home or on the road. The lack of cables is ideal for the kinds of workout sessions at the core of BoxVR—particularly when throwing quick combos, doing lots of dodging and weaving, etc. We have a team of professional fitness instructors who help design the workout routines in BoxVR, and they’re having a blast choreographing new routines that take full advantage of the freedom of movement that Quest enables.”

In Drop Dead: Dual Strike Edition, you’ll fight for your life in a zombie survival game rebuilt for Quest’s full freedom of motion. The new Dual Strike version reanimates the classic shooter by allowing co-op players to dual wield all the original guns, or dig the undead a new grave with shovels and other new melee weapons to get your smash and bash on. You can dip, dive, duck, and dodge projectiles in order to get up close to the zombie horde to finally put them six feet under.

“VR is pushing creative boundaries beyond any other format of interactive entertainment,” says Pixel Toys CEO Andy Wafer. “With Quest’s six degrees of freedom, the possibilities for interacting with the game environments are only going to expand. It offers these immersive experiences at an accessible entry point, meaning more and more people will be experiencing the storytelling power of VR. We’re super excited about this, as we believe it will only inspire more people to harness the unique potential of VR.”

We’ve been waiting to serve up Racket Fury: Table Tennis because it’s going to be an absolute ace. This game turns it all the way up to 11 with a visually-stunning single-player campaign that pits you against 16 distinct opponents across four challenging cups, while multiplayer lets you turn the tables on players anywhere in the world. This brand of ping-pong is not for the faint of heart.

“To be honest, VR has actually become our crush, and although the technology has been around for a while, we’re still thrilled to see it constantly develop and offer more and more possibilities,” says Pixel Edge Games CEO Sebastian Boczek. “VR is an incredible opportunity for all of us—it has brought games to a completely different level.”

We’re excited to see what you think of Quest in just a few short weeks! And if you haven’t already, you can pre-order now at oculus.com.

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