#QuestCountdown: Action, Adventure, and MMORe

Oculus Blog
Posted by Deborah Guzman Barrios, Developer Relations
April 3, 2019

Welcome to week x minus 1 in the Oculus #QuestCountdown, where we highlight, confirm, and reveal the awesome games coming to Quest in the weeks ahead. Last week, our own Head of Developer Strategy Chris Jurney debuted our Quest Content Preview video and took a look at SUPERHOT VR, Space Pirate Trainer, Dead and Buried II, Shadow Point, and Dance Central. Today, I’m excited to highlight three deep, compelling, and gripping titles that our developers have been working hard on to bring to Quest on Day 1!

As the developer of fan favorite Face Your Fears and the gorgeous fantasy RPG The Well, the folks at Turtle Rock Studios are no strangers when it comes to creating compelling VR content. And in their whimsical 6DOF action-adventure Journey of the Gods, you’ll be able to wield human weapons and celestial powers to save the world from an impending apocalypse.

“We love how amazing scale feels in VR—there’s nothing else like it,” says Turtle Rock Studios Co-Founder and Design Director Chris Ashton. “We wanted the player to experience beautiful vistas at a familiar human scale and be awe-struck when a huge boss bursts from the ground. And then you enter god form, lifting high into the sky as the world shrinks below. Now you’re looking down on that boss and have god-like abilities. Trees and other enemies look tiny! You get to see the same environment from two very different perspectives, which opens up a bit of a solo co-op game. Some things you can only do as a human, other things can only be done as a god, and it’ll take both to save the world. That’s what Journey of the Gods is all about, and it can only be fully appreciated in VR!”

Journey of the Gods will launch on both Quest and Rift S, giving gamers access to the same great 6DOF content—with or without a PC.

“With Journey of the Gods alternating frequently between exploration and combat, we designed it to take advantage of a full 360° play space,” explains Turtle Rock Studios Producer Chloe Skew. “Being untethered allows players to freely explore their environments and react instinctively (for example, to enemies approaching from behind) without worrying about getting tangled or losing controller tracking at crucial moments.”

We’re so excited about this.

Next, let’s talk about a title that, as a 15+ year MMO player, is very near and dear to my heart. I’ve been working with the team behind OrbusVR since they first launched in Early Access on Rift over a year ago, and today, we’re thrilled to announce that the game’s newest expansion and ground-up reimagining, OrbusVR: Reborn, is coming to Quest!

Ad Alternum Game Studios was founded in 2016 to push the boundaries of room-scale VR and deliver a social MMORPG unlike anything the world had previously known.

“Whether players are swinging a sword or aiming a bow, casting and reeling in a fishing line, or doing something as simple as waving at a friend, OrbusVR brings a sense of presence and immersion to an MMORPG previously unseen,” says Ad Alternum Founder Riley Dutton. “VR allows us to create real skills in the game that players can only get better at through practice. Instead of just mashing buttons on an ability bar, you actually have to hone your physical skill to become more effective at combat. And with real skills comes a real sense of accomplishment once you’ve mastered them.”

Equally suited to social gameplay and a solo experience, ranging across combat and exploration, OrbusVR: Reborn includes gorgeous hand-painted visuals and adds new enemies, dungeons and raids, classes, and more.

“With Reborn and the launch of four new classes, players will have even more ways to feel immersed in the game’s physical activity,” Dutton notes. “They can sling orbs of arcane energy as the Shaman, play the marimba as the Bard, or slam the Paladin’s hammer to the ground. Even with a shooting class like the Scoundrel, players will have to swing their arm to arc their shots and curve their bullets.”

OrbusVR: Reborn will offer cross-platform support across Quest and Rift S as a launch title for both headsets. And for the Rift community, make sure to set your clocks so you can jump into the action when this world reborn goes live on April 23!

To round out today’s trio of awesome titles, we’re all excited to welcome Polyarc’s breakout hit Moss to the launch lineup. Moss fans know we announced this during OC5, but who could pass up an excuse to talk about everyone’s favorite plucky adventurer, Quill?

“VR allows us to develop games in which you can enjoy meaningful and immersive experiences where you as the player are a part of the journey and not just a member of the audience,” notes Polyarc Co-Founder and Art Director Chris Alderson. “I’ve seen the power of VR and how it opens an opportunity for players to build an emotional connection with a character. The best way to explain the love and care players can experience in VR is to compare meeting Quill, a small mouse and the protagonist in Moss, to meeting your new puppy in person for the first time—it tugs at your heartstrings in a natural way, something you just can’t experience on flat screen entertainment. In fact, we’ve had numerous people break down and cry with happiness at just the sight of her.”

Quill is driven, a dreamer, and undeniably cute. And thanks to the grab-and-go nature of Quest, new players can join her on an epic journey with greater freedom than ever before.

“For Moss, we spent a lot of time developing rich environments, compelling characters, and thoughtful interactions that you’ll want to spend time exploring,” adds Alderson. “We believe we’ve created something players will want to revisit again and again. And now with Quest, you have the freedom to relax on your couch, bed, back deck, bus, or even a plane when embarking on an epic adventure in this fantastical world. Quest’s portability and ease of use makes it super easy to take Moss on the go and share it with others interested in trying VR.”

Please join us next Wednesday as we unveil more titles on the #QuestCountdown! I, for one, am pretty stoked ^_^