#QuestCountdown: VR Party Time!

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Posted by Aaron Davies, Head of Strategic Content
May 8, 2019

We’re racing towards May 21, and I’m taking a quick breather to weigh in on #QuestCountdown! I’m Aaron: Oculus OG, endurance cyclist, adventure outdoorsman, and insatiable discoverer of new VR game leads. I’m excited to share a glance into some great content coming to Oculus Quest at launch—and in the weeks to follow.

First off, I have to call out how excited I am about our new casting feature beta, which lets you share live what you’re seeing in-headset with your friends. Coupled with the portability of Quest, this is a fantastic way to turn VR into a social group activity.

We already shared that CREED: Rise to Glory™ is coming out swinging on Quest, and today, I get to spill the beans that another Survios title is hot on its trail. Warm up your smoke machine and turn down the house lights, because the freeform DJ re-mixing title Electronauts is landing!

“VR is an incredible new medium full of unknown challenges and opportunities, which is primarily why so many of us signed up for this adventure,” says Survios Head of Studio Mike McTyre. “We have an opportunity to define gaming systems and interactions in ways that have never existed before.

When you’re pondering those deep existential questions and looking to discover ways to bend reality, there’s no better way to dive in than with the metafictional sci-fi fever dream that is Virtual Virtual Reality. This is a narrative-driven comedy-adventure game about—and inside—VR, which has earned Tender Claws a devoted fanbase and industry awards. It’s the perfect tongue-in-cheek way to welcome even more newcomers to the VR fold on Quest.

Ultrawings lets you take to the skies and pilot four unique aircraft with plenty of gameplay variety, paying homage to fantastic and fun flying titles of the past like Pilotwings. For a while now, Bit Planet Games has given players the freedom to choose between Touch, gamepad, and HOTAS controllers, and soon, they’ll up the ante with the added freedom of movement and portability you can only get with untethered 6DOF VR.

Whether you’re in the mood for a 3D movie night, a chill chat room, or some larger-than-life gaming, Bigscreen Beta serves up social VR and a huge virtual screen. Meet up with a small group of friends, or join one of the community’s VR LAN parties. With cross-platform support across PC and mobile VR, you really can’t go wrong—and soon, Quest will let even more people get in on the cross-device fun.

Fresh off winning four Emmys for Crow: The Legend, our friends at Baobab Studios debuted Bonfire at Tribeca Film Festival. “It’s our foray into artificial intelligence and our most interactive piece—one where we make you the main character,” explains CEO Maureen Fan.

It stars stand-up comic Ali Wong, and it’s bringing an absurd alien adventure in for a landing on Quest.

You asked... and asked... and asked... and I’m the lucky guy who gets to announce that Oculus First Contact is coming to Quest!

With retro ’80s-inspired graphics and the most lovable robot sidekick this side of Hollywood, First Contact is a fantastic way to introduce your first-timer friends to the magic of hand presence in VR. Grab a floppy disk, push buttons, and play with toys—all while learning how to handle the Touch controllers.

That wraps up my #QuestCountdown contribution. If you’re looking for some fellow fans to party with when the big day arrives, head over to /r/OculusQuest, read the pinned post, and have fun!

Stay tuned next week for our last #QuestCountdown post...

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