Quest Night: Game Night Evolved

Oculus Blog
March 3, 2022

Remember game nights? Friends all sitting around a table as they eat snacks, excitedly scream at each other, and most importantly, play a few games together. It was a beautiful mess. And it's about to get taken up a notch. “Quest Night” is “game night” evolved. But now, your friends can be anywhere in the world. And you're inside the game. And there's a million more games. And no mess to clean up when it's all over. Just throw on a headset, invite your party, and get competitive in minutes. We're claiming Tuesdays as Quest Nights.

Call out your crew and send those party requests. It’s time to team up and throw down.

Partying up is easy. In People, you can create a party. To join a party, simply see who’s in a party on your Friends list and click. But before choosing what to play together, be sure to check out Quest Night deals and discounts on featured multiplayer titles.

Listen, you can host Quest Night any night of the week. And if you do host Quest Night on another night, we won’t be offended.

Check back on the blog for suggested games to kick off your own Quest Night—and share your own game night glory with us on social using #QuestNight.

Update March 8, 2022:

Don’t know what to play? We’ve got you. Every Quest Night, we’ll keep it fresh with a new theme. We’ll bring the influencers––you bring your friends.


Speaking of friends––you love them. But you also want to annihilate them. Repeatedly. Enter the ultimate arena to test your PvP mettle: Walkabout Mini Golf. Sure, they call putting the “short game,” but you know the truth. If you win against a friend in a mini golf shootout, you’ll soar on the winds of that victory for years to come.

From 10:00 am PT on March 8 through 11:59 pm PT on March 13, get a 30% discount on Walkabout Mini Golf. Just pick a course, pick a time, and pick a partner to devastate. Grab your iron––it’s duel time.

To kick off Quest Night 1v1, we partnered with a pair of long-time rivals.

Update March 14, 2022:


You know your tell. All your buddies know your tell. Why not level the card table? In PokerStars VR, join friends or strangers and go all-in. Talk trash, share props, and play the biggest hands of your life.

Want to start PokerStars VR in style? Just log in any time between 10:00 am PT on March 15 and 11:59 pm PT on March 20 to automatically find some sweet Quest Night merch in your inventory. We're talking hats, hoodies, and everything you need to make your friends jealous. That way, even if you lose, you’ll at least look like a winner.

To kick off Quest Night All-In, we partnered with a few high rollers.

Update March 29, 2022:

Dungeon Crawler

You’re tactical, you’re brave, you’re ready. But you’ll need your whole party to survive in Demeo. With monsters closing in every step of the way, failure to cooperate is your greatest threat. Are you and your friends smart enough to survive together?

From 10:00 am PT on March 29 to 11:59 pm PT on April 3, get 20% off Demeo. Embark on adventures with up to three friends. Uncover darkness, vanquish undead, and survive another night––together.

To kick off Quest Night Dungeon Crawler, we partnered with a band of unsavory tomb robbers.