Quest + Quill: The Perfect Pairing for Valentine’s Day

Oculus Blog
February 14, 2020

At first blush, Valentine’s Day and virtual reality don’t appear to make an obvious coupling. But there’s a lot more to VR than cutting-edge gaming and entertainment. Now, you can share a new series of beautifully immersive animations with the ones you love with Oculus TV on Quest. Each vignette, made by hand using Quill, paints a unique story of love, friendship, and togetherness like only VR can, just in time to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day in a whole new way.

Using Quill, a VR animation and illustration tool, a community of artists came together to share their take on love that anyone can view and share with Oculus TV on Quest. Unlike traditional works of art, these “Quillustrations” let you step inside the frame to experience them fully; the effect is like walking into a fairytale you can view from any angle.

You can watch each piece below, as well as hear from the artists themselves about their respective work. But to truly appreciate the work of these Quill artists, you’ll want to grab your Quest headset. To get started, open the Oculus TV app on Quest and find the section titled “Animated Love Stories.”

Goro Fujita

Goro Fujita is an Art Director, Illustrator, and Animator with 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Throughout his career, he has worked on animated feature films, TV commercials, illustrated children’s books, and VR experiences. “What I love about VR is that you can send people into your imagination,” Fujita explains. “Being able to create worlds you can share with others is something I couldn’t even dream of doing before now.”

“For this piece, I wanted to capture a moment where a couple enjoyed a romantic getaway and are now on their way home. Sitting in the cabin with them, you can’t help but wonder who they are and where they come from.”

“I have a soft spot for robots. In this piece, two junkyard robots have known each other for a while. They are close, but one robot hasn’t been able to show his feelings to the other. Maybe today? Hint: Move your head close to their hearts…”

“On Valentine’s Day, a couple is enjoying a ride through the countryside surrounded by birds. If you hit the viewpoint that rotates around the couple, you can observe the scene from a whole new perspective.”

“Polar bears and penguins never actually meet, but what if they did? This is how I would imagine things would go down.”

See more of Goro Fujita’s work here.

Daniel Martin Peixe

Daniel Martin Peixe has been working as a character animator for more than 20 years, creating both CG and traditional 2D projects for Walt Disney Animation Studios. Peixe started using Quill in 2016 and released the acclaimed VR short film The Remedy, made entirely in Quill, in 2019. “I feel like many artists are still on the fence about working with a headset on their face,” says Peixe. “But once they try it, it’s undeniable that VR art is here to stay because of how much enjoyment an artist gets being inside an infinite canvas and using his or her own hands to create three-dimensional art.

“I based this piece on a 2D sketch I did on my phone. The subject intrigued me and I wanted to create my vision of the classic mermaid tale. I wanted the audience to be completely immersed in the sailor’s point of view. The sound effects in VR, like the splashing of the ocean and water drizzle, really make you feel like you’re there with him seeing this mermaid in the distance.”

“This piece is a caricature of my wife and I enjoying a movie on Valentine’s Day. Although we enjoy the outdoors, our favorite thing to do is cuddle up with a great movie or TV show. I wanted to capture how comfortable we get on our sofa and how time goes by when we are enjoying each other’s company.”

See more of Daniel Martin Peixe’s work here.

Dan Franke

With a background in traditional 2D and 3D software as a concept artist, modeler, and animator, Dan Franke was always searching for the right tool to help him tell stories independently and efficiently. After training with Quill in Fujita’s Quill workshop, he knew he’d found that tool. “The greatest feeling for me as an artist working in VR is being able to step into my art,” says Franke. “Standing next to your character makes it easier to empathize with them, and using your body movements to puppeteer their acting makes the process so much more fun and more natural.”

“With my Quillustrations, I always want to create something unexpected, so for Valentine’s Day, I chose to animate a little cupid having fun at his work, rather than painting a romantic couple.”

See more of Dan Franke’s work here.

Samia Khalaf

Samia Khalaf is an artist from Lebanon who moved to California at the age of 17 to pursue a career in animation. For the past 11 years, she’s worked on projects ranging from TV shows on Disney Junior to mobile games and VR projects. She recently moved to NYC where she spends her time visiting art museums, exploring the city, and eating pizza. “Compared to the traditional approach, creating in VR is so much more exciting,” says Khalaf. “I feel like I’m living in my creations instead of being an outsider building them from a distance. Just being inside the worlds you create is mind-blowing.”

“I wanted to create something where the viewer gets to be part of the environment. The giant is blowing a kiss for you!”

See more of Samia Khalaf’s work here.

If you’d like to see additional artwork from Quill’s ever-growing community of illustrators and animators, be sure to check Oculus TV often for new material. You can also explore more Quillustrations on the Quill Facebook page. And if you’d like to get creative in VR yourself, give Quill a try today on the Rift Platform. Happy viewing and creating—and Happy Valentine’s Day!