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Posted by Kasey Galang, Head of Developer Ecosystem
April 24, 2019

I’m Kasey. I have the honor of leading the team that provides developers of all sizes with the support and programs they need to build great applications. (If you want to see some of what we do, check out the Oculus Developer Center.) We’re also the team that operates the Oculus Store to help you have the best VR experiences.

The Oculus Blog team asked that I host this week’s #QuestCountdown preview. I did some research (I looked at the past posts), and there were two resounding conclusions: 1) The titles coming to Quest are rad! and 2) You all really, really, really want to know when Quest will launch. I’m super stoked to share that it’s [redacted]*! Now, let’s take a look at some of the amazing social games in our launch lineup.

I can’t wait to see you all on launch day in some of these social games.

Ballista is an original Oculus Studios title from High Voltage Software (They Live to DESTROY!, Dragon Front, Damaged Core). You play a hero tasked with protecting a magical kingdom by fending off evil forces with your Magic Mirror, wand made of unicorn horn, and legendary sling. “With Quest, we’re able to better provide a full range of motion to let people move around their entire play area and impact gameplay,” says High Voltage Producer Keith Hladik. “Whether it’s defending your creatures from attack or walking around to analyze a castle, the game provides an immersive experience.”

Rec Room from Against Gravity was one of the first social VR spaces on Oculus. The developers have always been thoughtful about their approach to ensuring a great experience for friends, new and old. IMHO, Rec Room is one of the coolest VR spaces to chill with friends from all over the world, whether that’s at the park or in competitive games like RecRoyale and Laser Tag, not to mention the thousands of player-created worlds. “Whether you’re meeting up with friends, struck with inspiration for a new room, or trying a new game in Rec Room, untethered VR lets you jump in right away,” says Against Gravity CEO and Co-Founder Nick Fajt. “The immediate access and freedom of movement make it easier than ever to play Rec Room!”

Doubling down on the social aspect of VR and Quest, I’m looking forward to checking out VRChat for the first time. I know, I’m late to the game. I know from friends that the custom avatars, social games, world creation, and hanging out with friends is what they enjoy about VRChat. “Oculus Quest is the easiest way to jump into the VRChat universe from anywhere—no external trackers or setup necessary,” says VRChat CEO and Co-Founder Graham Gaylor. “VR without cables is an absolute joy and greatly enhances social immersion.”

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a super fun social game you play cooperatively. One person diffuses a bomb in VR while other players use an instruction manual to help. The key is fast communication and focus. STOP LAUGHING!—OK, keep laughing. Friendships will be made and broken along the way. “VR is an exciting medium to work with,” says Steel Crate Games Co-Founder Ben Kane. “There are many possibilities for game design, and they present themselves in ways you can’t imagine until you try VR. This is how Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes came about! We were inspired by watching people experience VR for the first time at Global Game Jam. Those outside VR were often left with nothing to do, so we designed a game that relied on outside players.”

I just got back from Las Vegas and couldn’t wait to get into PokerStars VR when I got home. It brings me right back to the table with friends. “PokerStars VR givers players the atmosphere and social interaction you get when playing in an actual poker room,” says LuckyVR Founder Jeffrey Lande. “With VR technology, we can deliver players the immersive feeling you might not get on other platforms. Oculus Quest takes that one step further in terms of a new level of accessibility. Being able to set up independently means players have more freedom to play how they want and whenever they want.”

VR Karts: Sprint is a furious arcade racer full of power-ups and weapons. It brings me straight back to the early ’90s with my pockets full of tokens slaying the kids at our favorite arcade. VR Karts: Sprint is also a cool pass-and-play game, making it a perfect addition to your next party. “VR allows the player to truly step inside the game, so racing becomes a whole new adventure,” says Viewpoint Games Design Director Neil Wigfield. “The player is no longer a spectator but rather the center of a completely immersive experience.”

We’ve talked a lot about what you’ll be able to play on launch day, but there’s even more to talk about next week. Tune into F8 as #QuestCountdown continues!

*Hey, I tried... ;)

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