‘Raw Data’ Brings Cross-Platform Co-Op Gameplay to Rift
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Posted by Oculus VR
March 16, 2017

With $1M in sales in its first month on Steam alone, Raw Data solidified its street cred as an early VR fan favorite. Now, this sci-fi action thriller is available for Rift and Touch on the Oculus Store.

Reengineered and optimized to take full advantage of Touch, Raw Data also added cross-platform functionality—so you can enjoy adrenaline-charged co-op campaigns with other players.

Dateline: Neo-Shinjuku, 2271
Things aren’t quite what they seem in this surreal cyberpunk future. The supposedly benevolent Eden Corporation promises to improve humanity through robotics, but the elite hackers of SyndiK8 are out to expose the truth behind Chairman Shiro’s “Promotion” program.

You play as a SyndiK8 operative, infiltrating Eden Tower to steal crucial data and support the resistance by any means necessary. Choose from one of three characters: Saija, the Cyber Ninja; Bishop, the Gun Cleric; or Boss, the Street Merc. Each comes with their own unique combat style, weapons, and special abilities for hours of gameplay and replayability—especially when you team up in co-op mode.

Whether you want to mow down waves of automatons with a pair of pistols, wield an electric katana like a boomerang, or take on towering mechs and high-flying drones, Raw Data’s got you covered.

Fan Feedback
Since its initial early release on Steam in July, the development team at Survios has heavily engaged with players to improve the finished product.

“We value our community above all else,” says Head of Studio Chris Hewish. “They’ve provided us with valuable feedback, suggestions, and even data logs that led to tweaks ranging from simple hotfixes to hero ability reworks. Their ongoing input is absolutely essential to Raw Data’s continued success.”

To that end, Survios continues to experiment with new aesthetics and in-game mechanics to deliver the most compelling VR experience possible.

“We’re also adding layers of narrative complexity throughout the game, fleshing out the world and characters of Raw Data,” Hewish adds. “And there’s another hero on the way that many in our community have been waiting for since those pre-Alpha demo days—we promise that he’s on target.”

Singular Storytelling, Exceptional Experiences
Survios places a high premium on storytelling with respect to VR, recognizing that both film and games—the primary use cases for VR to-date—share a common goal of creating transformative experiences with artistic value.

And this is just the beginning.

“VR is in a period of growth and exploration; right now, with no rules in place, it truly has the potential to be anything,” Hewish explains. “We’re seeing VR as immersive entertainment, of course, but we’re also seeing people experimenting with using it for everything from therapy to work productivity. As content creators and curators, we have the responsibility to continue expanding our knowledge base, experimenting with new ideas, and tackling every challenging question as a learning opportunity.”

Survios ranks among today’s VR evangelists who recognize the transformative power of the medium. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Check out Raw Data today on the Oculus Store.

— The Oculus Team