Ready At Dawn’s Captivating Narrative Sequel ‘Lone Echo II’ is Out Now on the Oculus Rift Platform

Oculus Blog
October 12, 2021

The time is finally here to experience the continuation of Jack and Liv’s thrilling adventures in space with Lone Echo II. Ready At Dawn’s highly-anticipated sequel to their VR-defining classic from 2017 is out today exclusively on the Oculus Rift Platform for $39.99 USD (fully playable on Quest via Oculus Link or Air Link with a compatible VR PC).

Additionally, anyone that purchases Lone Echo II will receive a free chassis for their Echo VR avatar that matches Jack’s new chassis from Lone Echo II, the VEGA X-3. And in a special launch event, you can unlock special Lone Echo II rewards if you play a public match in Echo VR between October 12 and October 26.

In Lone Echo II, players will once again play as Jack in another captivating adventure alongside Liv. The sequel brings back all of the innovative features that made the original so popular including its zero-gravity controls, sharp visuals, and emotional story. You’ll have to use a new assortment of tools to overcome complex challenges and startling discoveries of deep space in the far future.

While you wait for Lone Echo II to install on your PC, you can dive into our detailed retrospective feature on the first game featuring interviews with members from the development team and a video featurette highlighting many of the game’s most iconic moments.

The retrospective even includes some spoiler-free teases of what to expect in the sequel. If you want to read it in full, you can find it on Tech@Facebook, but for now here’s an excerpt:

“It’s very much a continuation of that story and narrative arc, but there’s a lot of things that come into play from our new ideas we have as well as seeing the success of the Echo VR franchise that we’re trying to incorporate into Lone Echo II,” says Lone Echo Art Director Nathan Phail-Liff. “It’s kind of cool seeing the lore and narrative connectivity between some of the worlds and the multiplayer games and the single-player games.”

Lone Echo II is out now exclusively on the Rift Platform for $39.99 USD (fully playable on Quest via Oculus Link or Air Link with a capable VR PC). Plus, if you haven’t had a chance to play the first Lone Echo yet and want to experience the full story, you can buy both games in a bundle for $49.98 USD starting today until October 26 at 10:00 AM PT, which nets you a $10 USD discount compared to buying them individually.