Relaxing VR Games to Help You Unwind

Oculus Blog
September 22, 2021

Heart-pounding action with stunning effects defines many VR gaming experiences, but the immersive experiences found in VR go well beyond first-person shooters and saber battles. Today, we’re taking a look at VR meditation and mentally soothing activities that encourage digital zen anytime, anywhere.

Explore our diverse lineup of relaxing VR games below and unwind with experiences specifically designed to lend some serenity to your day.

Creative VR Apps for Inspiration

Bring your creative side to life with a digital workshop where you can paint, craft, color, or shape a project of your own making. A variety of apps provide the perfect space for a quiet session of coloring precisely in the lines—or way outside of them. Line up a stack of dominos for a satisfying tumble, create music, or stream a painting session with these apps.

Relaxing VR Apps for Exploration

Wander, wonder, and explore without flashy distractions or intensive gameplay. With the immersive power of VR, you can lose yourself in gorgeous, tranquil landscapes and experience nature from the comfort of home. Refresh your sense of peace and solitude with a trip around the globe or share the adventure by casting your gameplay with friends.

Yoga and Meditation Apps for VR Wellness

Reenergize with relaxing VR games that focus on guided meditation and yoga exercises. With VR, your home transforms into your very own private studio. Chill out high on an isolated mountaintop or in the company of a trainer who will walk you through your poses.

Puzzle Games for Focused Minds

Focus your mind and fire those synapses with mentally active apps. Play around with puzzles, mazes, and more. Select one of many different themes and expand your brainpower through music, logic puzzles, or mysterious narratives.

Casual Apps for Relaxed Socialization

Hang out with friends and family or meet new people through social VR apps that provide pleasant spaces to chat, share games, and watch movies. Break out a board game, go golfing, converse in a virtual space, and try out even more relaxing VR apps to keep the good times rolling.

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