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Releases Recap: February 11 - 15
Oculus Blog
Posted by Oculus VR
February 15, 2019

We’ve got another fresh batch of releases and updates across the Oculus Platform this week, including pre-orders for the highly anticipated PVP VR FPS Space Junkies from Ubisoft. Here’s a rundown of the highlights:

This retro arcade VR shooter puts you in the deepest reaches of space with only a space blaster, a ship, and your fast reflexes as company. Destroy asteroids and pirates, upgrade your ship, and fight endless hordes of intergalactic enemies.

Perfect For: Fans of Asteroids, Anshar Online, and Space Maze
Developer: Robot Games
Available On: Oculus Go + Gear VR

The Marvellous Machine
Step into this new world for a relaxing exercise that helps you achieve mindfulness in VR. Leave all your preconceived notions at the door and let the narrator’s voice guide you through the end.

Perfect For: Fans of Guided Meditation VR, Drops: Rhythm Garden, and Nature Treks VR
Developer: 1337 Game Design
Available On: Rift

Bigscreen Beta: 2019 Update
This social VR movie theater app just released a massive update including raytraced real-time screen lighting to make the cinematic experience more immersive, upgraded avatars, a fresh new UI, and more.

Perfect For: Fans of Rec Room, VRChat, Oculus Venues, and Oculus TV
Developer: Bigscreen, Inc.
Available On: Rift / Oculus Go + Gear VR

Live in Oculus Venues:

Visit the Oculus Store on Rift, Oculus Go, and Gear VR for even more immersive content and some weekend flash sales. Don’t forget to check out our Valentine’s Day sales and bundles for some sweet savings. We’ll see you next week for a new batch of releases!

— The Oculus Team