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Releases Recap: February 12 – 16
Oculus Blog
Posted by Oculus VR
February 17, 2018

This week, we released 20 titles and updates across the Oculus Platform. Here’s a look at some of the highlights:

Dreams of Dalí
Art and technology come together in this experience created by The Dalí Museum. Surround yourself with the beauty of Salvador Dalí’s 1935 painting, Archaeological Reminiscence of Millet’s “Angelus,” and discover the Surrealist master’s artwork like never before.

Perfect For: Art enthusiasts, Dalí fans, armchair travelers
Developer: Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Half Full Nelson
Available On: Rift
Learn More:Dreams of Dalí in Virtual Reality

Brass Tactics Arena
Real-time strategy comes to VR with Brass Tactics Arena. Developed by the lead designer of the classic Age of Empires II, this free version of Brass Tactics lets youimmerse yourself in a living tabletop battlefield. Savor the victory solo or with a friend on one intricate map for a taste of the full experience.

Perfect For: Fans of turn-based games, tabletop strategy, Age of Empires II, and Skyworld
Developer: Hidden Path Entertainment
Available On: Rift
More Info: Experience Immersive Tabletop Battle with Brass Tactics Arena, Available Now on Rift

MasterWorks: Journey Through History
Travel through 3,000 years of history with this immersive app that lets you explore ancient wonders to your heart’s content. Collect artifacts and learn from scientists as you go through different educational environments on three continents.

Perfect For: History buffs, educational VR enthusiasts
Developer: FarBridge
Available On: Rift + Gear VR
More Info: Journey Through History with MasterWorks, Available Now on Rift and Gear VR

The Cathedral: Allison’s Diary
Previous released on Gear VR, this creepy sequel to The Hospital: Allison’s Diary takes us back to the thoughts of Allison and the truth behind her parents’ murder. Cinematic horror like only VR can deliver.

Perfect For: Fans of The Hospital: Allison’s Diary, Wilson’s Heart, and Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul
Developer: KR Games
Available On: Rift + Gear VR

Knockout League
After its successful Early Access release last year, Knockout League is now officially out on Rift. Move, dodge, and punch your way through this arcade-style boxing game designed specifically for VR. Keep boxing to earn your Golden Gloves, and try out Grudge Match for an extra tough sparring session.

Perfect For: Boxing enthusiasts, fans of Punch-Out!! and BOXVR
Developer: Grab Games
Available On: Rift

Visit the Oculus Store on Rift and Gear VR for even more immersive content and some weekend flash sales. We’ll see you next week for a new batch of releases!

— The Oculus Team