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Releases Recap: February 25 – March 2
Oculus Blog
Posted by Oculus VR
March 3, 2018

This week, we released 21 titles and updates across the Oculus Platform. Here’s a look at some of the highlights:

A-Tech Cybernetic
This FPS puts you at the center of a futuristic biomedical spaceship where bloodthirsty mutants await. Story mode challenges you to rectify a horrible experiment gone wrong while Swarm mode puts your shooting and survival skills to the test.

Perfect For: Fans of Dead and Buried, Onward, and Raw Data
Developer: Xreal Games
Available On: Rift

A Thin Black Line
This interactive animated story recalls the events of 1942 in Darwin, where the first and largest aerial attack on mainland Australia of World War II occurred. A Thin Black Line is told through the eyes of Patima, a five-year-old girl who must leave her father behind as she and her neighbors flee their hometown to escape an imminent Japanese invasion.

Perfect For: Armchair historians and animation fans
Developer: VRTOV
Available On: Gear VR

Space Time: Episode 4
PBS took us to the strangest and most fascinating places in the universe with Space Time, a compelling series inspired by astrophysics. Hosted by Matt O’Dowd of the popular PBS YouTube channel Space Time, the series makes it easy for anyone to understand some of the most complex concepts in science. Now, Space Time is back with a new episode to spark your curiosity.

Perfect For: Science and space geeks, fans of SPHERES: Songs of Spacetime
Developer: Kornhaber Brown
Available On: Gear VR
More Info:Out of This World: Space Time from PBS Now Available on Gear VR

Visit the Oculus Store on Rift and Gear VR for even more immersive content and some weekend flash sales. We’ll see you next week for a new batch of releases!

— The Oculus Team