Releases Recap: January 24 – 28

Oculus Blog
January 29, 2022

This week, we released a bunch of titles and updates across the Quest and Rift Platforms. Here’s a rundown of the highlights:

Zenith: The Last City
Whether you’re joining the world solo or with friends, endless adventure awaits in Zenith: The Last City, an ambitious new VR MMO from Ramen VR. Featuring a massive world with multiple different biomes, an assortment of ferocious enemies, two classes with three separate sub-classes each, and tons of loot to find, Zenith is the kind of VR game you won’t want to stop playing. And since Zenith is designed from the ground up with VR in mind, you can do things that you could never do in other MMOs—like stretch your arms out and glide across entire maps or climb any surface for as long as your stamina lasts. Prepare to embark on an adventure unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Perfect For: Fans of A Township Tale, Song in the Smoke, and Journey of the Gods
Developer: Ramen VR
Available On: Quest Platform // Rift Platform
More Info: JRPG-Inspired VR MMO ‘Zenith: The Last City’ is Out Now for the Quest and Rift Platforms

Lost Recipes
In Lost Recipes, you play as a Ghost Chef in training, cooking for ghosts from Greek, Chinese, and Maya civilizations who long to pass on the traditional recipes of their favorite dishes. But unlike the fast-paced and often slapdash nature of many cooking games, Lost Recipes offers something different: a relaxing experience with a focus on cultural authenticity. While cooking nine unique recipes, you will learn about the processes, ingredients, and culture surrounding the food. Lost Recipes is voiced by native-speaking people and is based on extensive cultural research that brings the game’s historic foods, kitchen tools, cooking techniques, and locations to life.

Perfect For: Fans of Cook-Out, I Expect You To Die 2, and Clash of Chefs VR
Developer: Schell Games
Available On: Quest Platform
More Info: Cook Across Time and Cultures in ‘Lost Recipes,’ Now Available on the Quest Platform

MultiBrush is a multiplayer implementation of the open source code for Tilt Brush. Now you can play, create, and enjoy art—with friends! This is a first release, so some things may not work perfectly and certain tools are still being implemented in the multiplayer rooms. In individual canvases, the full set of tools is available to you though. Stay tuned for more!

Perfect For: Fans of Tilt Brush, SculptrVR, and Gravity Sketch
Developer: Rendever
Available On: Quest Platform

AVICII Invector: Encore Edition
Created in collaboration with the late superstar DJ, AVICII Invector invites you to belt up and blast into the rhythmic regions of unexplored space to tackle each fade and beat in some of the EDM superstar's pulse-pounding, global chart-topping tracks. AVICII Invector: Encore Edition takes to the stage for the most complete performance yet, featuring 35 tracks (including “Peace of Mind,” “Freak,” and the chart topping “S.O.S”) all set against seven unique worlds to blast through. Each track is built to perfectly match the on-screen visuals taking you through a musical odyssey of serene exploration.

Perfect For: Fans of Rez Infinite, Thumper, and Tetris Effect: Connected
Developer: Hello There Games
Available On: Quest Platform

Ragnarock - Dance Party Update
Ahoy captains! Time for a Dance Party to celebrate the New Year. Ragnarock's new update contains two new songs that will make you move your body: "Hypa Hypa" by Eskimo Callboy and "Utopia" by The SIDH. There’s also a new tutorial to help get you into the game, and you can click on the star icon on the top left of your favorite songs to store them in a separate “Favorites” folder for faster access. That, plus various tweaks to achievements, additional language options, and more. Stay tuned for more news on Ragnarock!

Perfect For: Fans of Smash Drums, Pistol Whip, and Beat Saber
Developer: WanadevStudio
Available On: Quest Platform

Warhammer 40,000: Battle Sister - Big Guns Update
Warhammer 40,000: Battle Sister is celebrating its one-year anniversary with the Big Guns update. Start 2022 with a bang with new features, fixes and improvements. First and foremost are the additions to Last Bastion mode—three new enemies (Heavy Bolter Marine, Plasma Pistol Raptor, and Grenade Launcher Cultist) and three new weapons, plus a difficulty rebalance across all Last Bastion maps. Pixel Toys also went through all campaign levels and gave them a polish pass to improve performance.

Perfect For: Fans of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, and Sniper Elite VR
Developer: Pixel Toys
Available On: Quest Platform // Rift Platform

Visit the Oculus Store on the Quest and Rift Platforms for even more immersive content. We’ll see you back here next week for another batch of releases.