Releases Recap: June 28 – July 2

Oculus Blog
July 3, 2021

This week, we released a bunch of titles and updates across the Oculus Platform. Here’s a rundown of the highlights:

Madrid Noir
After her estranged uncle is declared dead, a disenchanted young woman arrives in Madrid to empty the apartment that he left behind. Lola is soon compelled to dig into her memories, where she'll pick up her uncle's shadowy trail and attempt to piece together the puzzles of the past. Staged as an awe inspiring theatre production, this charming escapade plays out across a city that lives in the night, a Madrid now lost to time. Madrid Noir is a 45 minute mystery adventure that unfolds across two acts in this VR film developed by No Ghost and Produced by Atlas V, the team that brought you BATTLESCAR and Gloomy Eyes.

Perfect For: Fans of BATTLESCAR: Punk Was Invented By Girls, Gloomy Eyes, and The Line
Developer: No Ghost // Atlas V
Available On: Oculus Quest Platform
More Info: ‘Madrid Noir’ Delivers Moody Mystery on the Oculus Quest Platform

Tarzan VR
Become Lord of the Jungle! Tarzan VR™ transports players deep into three unique and fantastical jungle worlds teeming with action and excitement! Swing, swim, climb and fight your way through dangerous predators and challenges in this serialized comic-style adventure. All three episodes are contained in this release, telling the story of Jane’s abduction by a group of invaders and Tarzan’s relentless pursuit with his Mighty Axe, Slingshot, and Long Bow.

Perfect For: Fans of Baba Yaga, Jurassic World Aftermath, and The Exorcist: Legion VR
Developer: Jungle Games, LLC
Available On: Oculus Quest Platform

Chess Club
The greatest strategy game of all time is coming to Quest with Chess Club. Select a stunning environment, and challenge your friends, the AI, or one of the millions of Chess fans around the world. Chess Club features casual and rated matches, a variety of different time rules, fight animations and sound effects, and support for both Oculus Touch controllers and hand tracking.

Perfect For: Fans of PokerStars VR, Catan VR, and Tsuro: The Game of the Path
Developer: Odders
Available On: Oculus Quest Platform
More Info: Checkmate: ‘Chess Club’ Brings Strategy to Life on the Oculus Quest Platform

Demeo: Realm of the Rat King
The town of Sunderhaven is suffering from an unlikely infestation and is calling for your aid in Demeo's latest update, Realm of the Rat King. It’s time to delve deep into the sewers, locate the source of this mysterious scourge, and eliminate it by any means necessary. Realm of the Rat King includes the new sewer environment, new enemies like the multi-headed Gorgon, new cards to play — and the Rat King himself, located five levels underground and surrounded by his subjects. Good luck, adventurer.

Perfect For: Fans of Blaston, Cook-Out, and Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl
Developer: Resolution Games
Available On: Oculus Quest Platform

Visit the Oculus Store on the Quest and Rift Platforms for even more immersive content. We’ll see you back here next week for another batch of releases.