Releases Recap: May 30 – June 3

Oculus Blog
June 4, 2022

This week, we released a bunch of titles and updates across the Quest and Rift Platforms. Here’s a rundown of the highlights:

The Last Clockwinder
Create intricate clockwork contraptions out of your own clones and restore life to an ancient tree. Your mission is to repair the Clocktower, an ancient haven for the galaxy’s plants and seeds. Use the Clockwinder’s gloves to turn every task into a looping clockwork automaton. These clones can do everything you can do—from planting to cutting to throwing items through the air—in two-, four-, and eight-second intervals. Create an interconnected system of automatons to grow plants, harvest resources, and work together to save the Clocktower!

Perfect For: Fans of Myst, The Room VR: A Dark Matter, and Shadow Point
Developer: Pontoco
Available On: Quest 2 // Rift Platform
More Info: Create Intricate Contraptions From Your Own Clones in 'The Last Clockwinder,' Out Today

World of Mechs
In World of Mechs, brave pilots and their mighty bipedal tanks team up to compete in combat zones all over the world. Go hands-on with 32 hulking mechs, spread across eight classes that have unique roles and abilities on the battlefield. The single-player campaign will teach you the basic strategies of mech warfare across 20 different missions, and you can use the cash and experience points you earn to upgrade your mechs for the 4v4 multiplayer matches—where coordinating with your squad and understanding the strengths of each mech will prove key.

Perfect For: Fans of Vox Machinae, Apex Construct, and Eternal Starlight
Developer: Studio 369 Inc
Available On: Quest 2
More Info: Heavy Metal Combat: ‘World of Mechs’ Brings Intense Online Battles to Quest 2

First Person Tennis - The Real Tennis Simulator
First Person Tennis is the first tennis simulator developed for VR. Now you can play on a real tennis court and face professional tennis players in both Arcade and Simulation modes, or in online multiplayer. Play on seven different surfaces and serve your way to the top of 13 different tournaments—four Slam and nine Masters. It will take all your technical and tactical skills to climb the rankings!

Perfect For: Fans of Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR, Racket: Nx, and Eleven Table Tennis
Developer: Mikori Games
Available On: Quest Platform // Rift Platform

Wings 1941
Experience the thrills of the ten most famous battles of World War 2 in Wings 1941, a retro voxel shooter. Guide your aircraft through a hail of bullets and enemy planes, ships, and tanks. Upgrade your aircraft and take on epic bosses like the Yamato Battleship, the great Zeppelin, the fearsome Tiger Tank, and many more! General Brandon will guide you through each mission. Do you have what it takes to win the Battle of Midway, D-Day, Stalingrad, El Alamein, and more?

Perfect For: Fans of Warplanes: WWI Fighters, Ultrawings 2, and Pixel Ripped 1995
Developer: Ztar Games AB
Available On: Quest Platform

Walkabout Mini Golf - El Dorado
In the highland jungles of South America lies the mythical city of gold: El Dorado. Putt your way through the ruins of an ancient civilization, massive monuments to animal protectors, and misty passageways to untold fortunes. Join in the search for lost cities, lost treasures, lost balls, putters—and, just maybe, the perfect game of Walkabout Mini Golf.

Perfect For: Fans of GOLF+, Golf 5 eClub, and Real VR Fishing
Developer: Mighty Coconut
Available On: Quest Platform // Rift Platform

Visit the Store on the Quest and Rift Platforms for even more immersive content. We’ll see you back here next week for another batch of releases.