Releases Recap: November 29 – December 3

Oculus Blog
December 4, 2021

This week, we released a bunch of titles and updates across the Quest and Rift Platforms. Here’s a rundown of the highlights:

Smash Drums
Get ready to rock and drum hard in this unique VR rhythm game! Embark on an epic drumming journey that will have you destroying multiple environments (including the moon) through chaos and flames. Play 30 head-banging rock songs (with more to come) in forward or 360° modes, with four difficulties and many modifiers. Watch yourself climb the leaderboards, or check out the multiplayer arena which features both Co-op and Versus modes. Unlock tracks, skins, and achievements. This is Smash Drums! Rock and roll has never been more alive.

Perfect For: Fans of Ragnarock, Unplugged: Air Guitar, and Beat Saber
Developer: PotamWorks SAS
Available On: Quest Platform
More Info: Embrace Your Inner Rock Star With 'Smash Drums' on the Quest Platform

ZOOKEEPER: Blast Quest
Rebuild the Zoo back to its former glory in ZOOKEEPER: Blast Quest. Meet the familiar Zoo Owner and animals from ZOOKEEPER, while playing a brand-new color-matching puzzle. Do well in the puzzle to collect stars, clear missions in the zoo, feed animals, help visitors, fish for food, and more. Respond to requests from both visitors and animals in seven areas, including the Entrance Square, Elephant Area, and Lion Area. Aim for a full three-star rating when clearing puzzles to unlock secret animals!

Perfect For: Fans of Spacefolk City, Puzzle Bobble VR: Vacation Odyssey, and Rainbow Reactor: Fusion
Developer: KITERETSU Inc.
Available On: Quest Platform

Song in the Smoke - Savage Patch
There are a host of new additions to Song in the Smoke with the latest update, dubbed the Savage Patch. The big addition is the new Easy and Savage difficulty modes, which make the wilds of Song in the Smoke more accessible or significantly more dangerous, depending on what you’re looking for. There are also new fatigue mechanics for Normal and Savage difficulty modes, improved cold mechanics, and assorted small fixes. Whether you’re looking for a more leisurely time in nature or are a glutton for punishment, enjoy!

Perfect For: Fans of A Township Tale, Crashland, and Jurassic World Aftermath
Developer: 17-BIT 株式会社
Available On: Quest Platform // Rift Platform

Hyper Dash - Winter Update
There’s a festive new Winter Update for Hyper Dash out this week. There’s a new Winter theme, of course, but a bunch of other additions as well. Triangle Factory added an in-game store, and there are also 18 new weapon skins, two new bodies and two heads, a new “Abyss” payload map, and a new “Gun Gifts” mutator that leaves little presents on the map for you to pick up.

Perfect For: Fans of POPULATION: ONE, Larcenauts, and STRIDE
Developer: Triangle Factory
Available On: Quest Platform // Rift Platform

Sweet Surrender - Upgradeable Classes
Sweet Surrender is a Roguelike shooter set in a dystopian megatower where you must adapt to a ruthless, fast-paced action-packed environment—now featuring run-to-run progression with unlockable, upgradeable classes! Players, upon reaching certain stat thresholds or completing challenges, will now unlock starter classes that you can choose whenever you start a new run. This is the first major step in the direction of progression in Sweet Surrender, and will hopefully enhance replayability and allow players to indulge in their preferred play styles. There are also new room variations in the Mines district, and two new healing chip upgrades. Expect more, and check out the roadmap!

Perfect For: Fans of Cosmodread, In Death: Unchained, and YUKI
Developer: Salmi Games
Available On: Quest Platform // Rift Platform

Visit the Oculus Store on the Quest and Rift Platforms for even more immersive content. We’ll see you back here next week for another batch of releases.