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Releases Recap November 5 to 9
Oculus Blog
Posted by Oculus VR
November 9, 2018

This week, we released over a dozen titles and updates across the Oculus Platform, including Oculus Start project Where Thoughts Go: Prologue from developer Lucas Rizzotto. Here’s a rundown of the highlights:

PokerStars VR

This social and interactive VR version of the popular card game employs natural player interactions to deliver an authentic experience. And if you think you're safe playing behind your Rift headset, think again: PokerStars VR made sure that real-life tells exist even in a virtual hand.

Perfect For: Fans of poker, Social Club VR: Casino Nights
Developer: Lucky VR Inc.
Available On: Rift
More Info: All In: ‘PokerStars VR’ Now Available on Rift


A trippy, dreamlike VR puzzle game that features real-time player recording, allowing you to play back your actions and movement. In order to solve the puzzles, you must interact with your recorded past selves and rewind time.

Perfect For: Fans of The Great C, FORM, and Bending the Light
Developer: Secret Location Inc.
Available On: Rift

Tin Hearts

Enter this whimsical world of toys and use wooden blocks, toy trains, and a merry band of tin soldiers to help you solve complex puzzles. Work your way through different challenges to unravel the mystery behind the emotional story interwoven with the puzzles.

Perfect For: Fans of Tethered, Baby Hands, and Along Together
Developer: Rogue Sun
Available On: Rift

National Geographic VR

Dive into different worlds with National Geographic VR. Experience new content featuring topics ranging from culture to animals to science, travel, and more. Come explore and go further.

Perfect For: Fans of Discovery VR, BBC VR, and The New York Times
Developer: National Geographic
Available On: Oculus Go + Gear VR

Nothing to be Written

Part documentary, part artwork, Nothing to be Written is an award-winning experience that tells stories about the First World War through “field postcards,” one of the few methods of communication available to WWI soldiers.

Perfect For: Fans of BBC VR, Anne Frank House VR, and 1943 Berlin Blitz
Developer: BBC Media Applications Technologies Ltd
Available On: Oculus Go

David Attenborough's Great Barrier Reef Dive

Explore over 3,000 reef systems in a state-of-the-art Triton submersible and come face to face with the incredibly diverse marine ecosystem of the Great Barrier Reef and learn more about how researchers are using certain coral species to predict environmental changes.

Perfect For: Fans of Ocean Rift, Titanic VR, and Nomades TV +/- 5 meters interactive VR
Developer: Alchemy VR
Available On: Oculus Go + Gear VR

Visit the Oculus Store on Rift, Oculus Go, and Gear VR for even more immersive content and some weekend flash sales. We’ll see you next week for a new batch of releases!

— The Oculus Team