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Releases Recap: October 23 – 27
Oculus Blog
Posted by Oculus VR
October 27, 2017

This week, we released 26 titles and updates across the Oculus Platform. Here’s a look at some highlights:

Melita: A Human Journey
Set in a dystopian near-future, Melita tells the story of an advanced AI in a race against time—and the devastating effects of global climate change.

Perfect For: Anyone with an interest in AI, humanity, or the environment
Developer: Future Lighthouse
Available On: Rift + Gear VR
More Info:Explore Humanity Through the Eyes of an AI in Melita—Available Now on Rift and Gear VR

Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab
Replicants and humans alike can uncover a thrilling conspiracy as they explore their memories with the help of a holographic AI.

Perfect For: Blade Runner buffs, sci-fi fans, and anyone hungry for a taste of dystopia
Developer: Magnopus
Available On: Rift + Gear VR
More Info:Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab Available Now on Rift and Gear VR

Gravity Sketch VR
This intuitive 3D modeling tool lets you export your work directly to another tool, SketchFab, or your preferred game engine!

Perfect For: Game artists and 3D modelers
Developer: Gravity Sketch
Available On: Rift

Karnage Chronicles
High fantasy and episodic action collide in this hack-and-slash RPG adventure. Close combat and long-range weapons let you explore your chosen class’s unique skillsets.

Perfect For: Fans of The Mage’s Tale
Developer: Nordic Trolls
Available On: Rift

IT: Escape from Pennywise
Step inside the House on Neibolt Street and choose your path to freedom as you come face-to-face with Pennywise.

Perfect For: Fans of the novel, the miniseries starring Tim Curry, and/or the recent film from Warner Bros.
Developer: Warner Bros.
Available On: Gear VR
More Info:The Fear of a Clown: IT: Escape from Pennywise Now Available on Gear VR

Visit the Oculus Store on Rift and Gear VR for even more immersive content—and special discounts in our Horror Sale, now through October 31. We’ll see you next week for a new batch of releases!

— The Oculus Team