‘Resident Evil 4’ Gets Even Better in VR with Usability and Gameplay Enhancements

Oculus Blog
January 31, 2022

Resident Evil 4 released late last year on Quest 2 to rave reviews, record-breaking sales, and tremendous accolades including taking home the Best VR/AR Game of the Year designation at the 2021 Game Awards. Since its launch, Capcom and Armature Studio have been hard at work improving the game even further, and we’re excited to announce the first post-launch update.

Although this update doesn’t add any new game content, it has overhauled mobility and comfort settings in response to player feedback, and has enhanced gameplay to give players more options. This includes new controller-directional movement so you can steer your walking direction with your hand, the ability to swap your dominant analog stick movement hand, which is a big boon for left-handed players, and height adjustment settings.

Additionally, there are new accessibility settings for adjusting waist and chest holder positions, as well as an option for changing the color of the laser sight on weapons. They’ve also included more reloading settings, fixes for known issues to improve saving, and other optimizations that enhance various facets of the experience.

In Resident Evil 4, you step into the shoes of Leon S. Kennedy as a special agent for the US government on his mission to rescue the President’s daughter who has been kidnapped by a mysterious cult—now in first-person for the very first time. Find your way through a rural European village, come face to face with challenging enemies, and uncover secrets and gameplay that have revolutionized the entire survival horror genre. Battle horrific creatures infected by the Las Plagas parasite and face off against aggressive enemies including mind-controlled villagers as you discover their connection to Los Illuminados, the cult behind the abduction.

This is only the beginning for Resident Evil 4’s continued support in 2022 on Quest 2. Coming later this year is the unlockable mini-game mode The Mercenaries, which was included in the original release of Resident Evil 4 and tasks players with fighting off waves of enemies while trying to escape on a helicopter before getting overwhelmed. Featuring tons of action and unlockable characters, this new game mode will come as a free addition to the game and will have you coming back to fight relentless Ganados again and again.

Resident Evil 4 is available now on Quest 2 for $39.99 USD, and the new usability and gameplay enhancement update is rolling out today. With The Mercenaries later this year as a free major update, there’s never been a better time to step into the shoes of Leon S. Kennedy!