Return to Skara Brae: ‘The Mage’s Tale’ Pre-Orders Now Live!

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Posted by Oculus VR
June 1, 2017

Fans of dungeon crawlers and RPGs, rejoice—The Mage’s Tale is now open for pre-orders on the Oculus Store! Even better, early adopters who place their orders before the game’s launch on June 20 save 10% off the purchase price.

“The first Bard’s Tale was one of the original dungeon crawlers that pushed the technology envelope with its visuals and sound,” explains inXile Entertainment CEO Brian Fargo. “The moment I tried VR, I knew I wanted to bring that classic experience to this incredible new tech since it would allow the player to actually be inside the dungeon.”

In true RPG fashion, you start out as an apprentice who must vanquish a series of foes and learn to command the mystic arts in order to save your master, Mage Alguin, from the evil wizard Gaufroi. Whether you’re into frenetic fight scenes, beguiling puzzles, or free-form exploration, The Mage’s Tale features balanced gameplay to suit a number of play styles—all while letting you wield elemental powers in the palm of your hand.

While this is inXile’s first foray into VR, it’s the fifth game set in The Bard’s Tale universe (or sixth/seventh if you count The Bard’s Tale Construction Set and/or Dragon Wars). The Mage’s Tale takes place between the events of The Bard’s Tale III and its upcoming sequel, The Bard’s Tale IV, due out in 2018—but you don’t need to be well-versed in the fantasy lore of Skara Brae to conjure up some high-octane fun.

“One of the benefits of developing The Mage’s Tale and The Bard’s Tale IV at the same time is that it allowed us to create an even deeper world for both games to be set in,” says President Matthew Findley. “By weaving together the stories, legends, characters, and settings, both products benefit from more content and more history in the world. I’m confident no other VR game has created a world as deep as what The Mage’s Tale has to offer.”

The Mage’s Tale brings arcane adventure to life on June 20. Pre-order now to claim your 10% discount!

Ancient crypts, secret spells, and perilous dungeons await.

— The Oculus Team