Rift Creation Spotlight: Building Oculus Home with Custom Objects and Models

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May 15, 2019

When we set out to build Oculus Home on Rift, we knew we wanted to deliver a place that people could call their own. Our library of items, objects, and decor has grown steadily—and given us a fun way to celebrate the seasons, holidays, and other happenings from across the platform.

We also added new ways to expand and extend your space with Gateways. Now you can create an easy link between your own Home and other Homes. Just place a Gateway anywhere in your Home to expand your space and connect different themed rooms or public Homes. You can find Gateways in the Special Items section of your inventory.

With this latest software update, Home now includes a curated Art Deco Collection, so you can design a space with Gatsby-esque style. From the Cat’s Meow Table Lamp to the King of the Concrete Jungle statue, this set of 30+ objects is sure to tickle your 1920s fancy.

We gave artists and creators a way to contribute to the Rift community with the custom objects and Medium import pipelines and, more recently, custom environments. We’ve seen some amazing examples of creative expression, from medieval castles and otherworldly art galleries to jungle temples and beachfront bungalows. Check out the Creators Blog to learn more.

Even if you don’t have an artist’s touch, you can fill your Home with custom items thanks to a vibrant community of 3D artists and creators. There are many resources at your disposal, some of which we’ve compiled along with basic tips below. As always, use your best judgement when downloading files and use trustworthy sources.

With all this custom objects goodness, we want to give you more room to play. With the latest software update, we’ve upped the total number of Homes you can have to 12! New to Rift or need a refresher? Don’t miss our new Home tutorial, live with this month’s Rift update.

Getting Started with Custom Homes

If you’re new to customizing Home, check out our basic walkthrough guide. There’s also a dedicated subreddit that’s bursting with tips. Once you have a handle on things, there’s a few ways to up your game.

Exploring Your Options, From Easy to Hard

Easiest: User Collections. Over on /r/OculusHomeObjects, some helpful Rift fans have collected a set of Home-ready models. Just drop them into your local folder and you’re ready to create a new home.

Mid-Level Difficulty: Create Your Own Home. If you have a DIY attitude but lack experience with traditional 3D art tools, we suggest using the app Sweet Home 3D, which lets you construct a home of your own design (check out the tutorial). With a few clicks, you can layout your own floor plan and add decor. Save your creation as an .obj file and use one of the many tools available online to convert the file to a .glb.

Most Difficult: Professional Assistance. When you’re looking for quality, professional creator community sites like Sketchfab can’t be beat. If you go this route, you’ll want to find an asset that meets the requirements for importing to Home. Some art on this site may require a bit more 3D model knowledge to get them to work in Home. Find your favorite and give it a try. Good luck!

Open House Time: Using Public Homes

Home is a great place to hang out with friends, but did you know you can also host public meetups? Anyone can make their Homes public and use them a way to connect with like-minded fans and members of the community.

You can browse and discover public Homes from the “Places” menu in VR. We’re bringing Public Homes to the Oculus desktop app soon, so keep an eye out for that.

Home Sweet Homes

So what are you waiting for? Start designing and invite your friends over to marvel at your great taste. We’ll have more to share in the coming months—including new ways to discover and share public homes. Stay tuned!

— The Oculus Team

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