Rift Platform Updates: Create Your Own Space

Oculus Blog
Posted by Oculus VR
February 14, 2019

Oculus Home is at the center of the Rift experience—the first stop on your journey into VR. With the ability to host hangouts with friends (and anyone else in the community), earn in-game achievements, upload custom objects, and show off your decorative eye, Home isn’t just a social hub; it’s an expression of your virtual self. And now, Home gets even more personal. With today's update starting to roll out now, you’ll be able to upload user-created spaces!

Getting Started: User-Created Spaces

Home is no longer limited to the stock cabin model. Now, we give you a couple templates, a cafe and theater, plus special themed decor and furniture items to play with—and you can upload any additional 3D models you’d like.

From a cluster of small rooms to large open outdoor environments and beyond, the design is up to you. And with a number of online resources available, there’s no modeling skills required. Of course, those of you with some 3D modeling experience under your belt can also create and modify Homes, adding simple lighting, ambient audio, and more. Check out the Oculus Creators Blog for some detailed instructions.

Celebrate Lunar New Year with Chinese Zodiac Plushies

Lunar New Year may be behind us, but the celebrations continue. Bring a token of the holiday Home with our limited plushies! When you login, you’ll unlock a special item for the Year of the Pig, and you can bring the rest of the Chinese Zodiac into your space through reward packs all month.

We’re always working to improve the Oculus experience across our devices. If you have thoughts on what you’d like to see, tell us on UserVoice!

— The Oculus Team