‘Rock Band VR’ Pre-Orders Now Live!

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Posted by Oculus VR
February 6, 2017

Grab your guitar controllers,* because Rock Band™ VR launches for Rift March 23! Don’t have a compatible controller on hand? You can pre-order a Rock Band VR and Fender® Stratocaster® wireless guitar controller bundle starting today.

For the Fans
While classic Rock Band simulates the note-for-note experience of a studio recording, Rock Band VR lets you feel like you’re actually performing in front of sold-out crowds. Alongside the creative freedom of a live show, you’ll get a deeper sense of presence as you interact with bandmates and shred on the stage.

“Rift’s integrated audio does a phenomenal job of spatializing the sounds around you for a legit onstage experience,” says Lead Composer/Sound Designer Steve Pardo. “If you teleport around the stage, the mix shifts to accommodate your new position—it’s an amazing illusion. It really feels like you’re there, with the crowd in front of you, the drums behind you, and your amp cranked to 11.”

To bring the experience to life, Harmonix focused on the responsiveness of the controls. Effects pedals are fully functional—just use the whammy bar to toggle them off and on. Each button combination has a unique sound so you can craft sick guitar solos in real-time, and you can even use your guitar to bang on the drummer’s hi-hat.

Bundle Up
For those looking to double down, you can pre-order a Stratocaster guitar controller* for Xbox One or PS4 bundled with the game for $69.99** retail. Don’t delay—quantities are limited, and pre-orders are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Bundles are expected to ship in tandem with the Rock Band VR release date of March 23.

Extras and Easter Eggs
Classic game mode lets you rock out with Rock Band’s familiar “note highway,” while campaign mode delivers a deep, interactive story. Meanwhile, those of you with a competitive streak can look forward to climbing the leaderboards.

There are also some fun surprises in store. Look closely, and you might spot in-jokes from the developer like the working name of your band (hint: check show bills and t-shirts).

“To bring the experience of Rock Band into VR, we had to completely reinvent our core gameplay—and it ended up totally exceeding our expectations,” says Creative Lead Greg LoPiccolo. “RBVR feels more like the actual experience of being live onstage than anything I thought was possible. The idea that players can craft their own guitar parts in real-time is kind of mind-blowing. Laying down solos in RBVR is one of the most satisfying things I have ever done in a video game.”

Get ready to grind an axe in the best way possible.

— The Oculus Team

*Rock Band VR is for download and play only from the Oculus Store, and requires Oculus Touch, the included connector, and a compatible Rock Band 4 guitar controller. Visit rockbandvr.com for details.

**Price shown in USD and may vary. Check with your local retailer for details.