Satisfy Your Wendy’s Craving in VR, Thanks to Horizon Worlds

Oculus Blog
March 30, 2022

Have you ever wanted to visit a larger-than-life world filled with a breakfast sandwich sports arena and an Orange Fanta® fountain? Thanks to Wendy’s®, now you can! 😉 Just grab your Quest 2 on April 2 and head to Horizon Worlds for a burger-fueled VR adventure that would make Dave Thomas proud.

Inside this whimsical world from Wendy’s, you’ll find Town Square Central—a virtual Wendy’s restaurant complete with an inflatable fry guy you can make dance (if you can find the hidden controller) and Easter eggs that might unlock some free IRL food (mmm, Frosty® treats). And over in Partnership Plaza, basketball fans can celebrate in style with a Hot ’N Juicy jersey cannon and VR Baconators you can throw for a half-court shot at The Buck BiscuitDome.

Wendy’s worked with a talented team of Horizon Worlds creators to bring this one-of-a-kind world to life, and it’s been great to watch them support and interact with the Horizon Worlds community. ​

If you’re 18+ and based in the US or Canada and you haven’t already, download Horizon Worlds (bonus: the app is free). To travel to the Wendy’s world from inside Horizon Worlds, starting on April 2:

  1. Turn over your left wrist and select the Three Line icon from the Personal Menu, and then select the Pin icon (towards the bottom)
  2. Select the Magnifying Glass icon (in the upper right-hand corner)
  3. Use the virtual keyboard to search for “Wendyverse”
  4. Click the picture to travel to the world