Say “Hey Facebook” to Stay Hands-Free With Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Blog
February 25, 2021

Over the years we’ve learned there’s no one way to interact with VR. Different approaches are useful at different times, be it your Oculus Touch controllers, your hands, or even your voice. In mid-2020 we added Voice Commands, enabling players to navigate and control Quest hands-free—or mostly hands-free. Until now, you needed to select Voice Commands from the home menu or double-press the Oculus controller button before giving a command.

But today we’re making it easier to access Voice Commands on-the-fly, adding an optional “Hey Facebook” wake word to Quest 2, with plans to release it to all Quest devices in the future. Our goal is to make Voice Commands a truly hands-free experience—and make it easier to take screenshots, cast, group up with your friends, and more. Record your favorite moments in Myst without leaving the island, start casting Beat Saber to your friends without dropping your combo, or launch right into a new game without digging through your library.

Starting this week, we’ll begin rolling out “Hey Facebook” to people using Quest 2. This will be a gradual rollout, but you can find and enable the wake word via our Experimental Features settings—and then say “Hey Facebook, take a screenshot,” “Hey Facebook, show me who’s online,” “Hey Facebook, open Supernatural,” or any of our other voice commands to get started. Note that Quest doesn’t listen for the “Hey Facebook” wake word when the microphone is turned off, or when the headset is asleep or powered down.

“Hey Facebook” is a strictly opt-in experience. You can still use Voice Commands without the wake word, via the existing button in the Home menu or by double pressing the Oculus controller button. And opting in isn’t a permanent decision either. You can easily turn off “Hey Facebook” in the same Experimental Features panel.

You also have control over whether your voice commands are stored and potentially used to make the feature better. You can easily view, hear, and delete your voice commands activity at any time or even turn off voice storage in your Settings, while still taking advantage of the Voice Commands feature. It’s our responsibility to protect your privacy, and you can learn more about how we do that here.

We hope “Hey Facebook” helps you do more with Quest, helps you get into your favorite games faster or capture events big and small while staying immersed and in-the-moment. Controllers, hands, and voice—we’re committed to helping you get the most out of your headset, and that starts with providing options.

As we said, “Hey Facebook” will roll out gradually to Quest 2 (and later to all Quest devices), so you may not see it today. Keep an eye out though, and stay tuned for more new features soon.