Schell Games Set to Launch ‘Lost Recipes’ January 27 on the Quest Platform

Oculus Blog
January 6, 2022

During UploadVR’s most recent showcase, Schell Games announced Lost Recipes—an upcoming educational game that lets you explore authentic cooking across time and cultures in VR. Today, we’re excited to announce that it’s coming to the Quest Platform on January 27 for $14.99 USD.

In Lost Recipes, you’ll play as a Ghost Chef in training, cooking for ghosts from Greek, Chinese, and Maya civilizations who long to pass on the traditional recipes of their favorite dishes. But unlike the fast-paced and often slapdash nature of many cooking games, Lost Recipes offers something different: a relaxing experience with a focus on cultural authenticity.

“Typically when people make a cooking game, it's crazy frantic, slapping together a burger or something—and this isn’t that,” says Schell Games Founder & CEO Jesse Schell. “This is meant to be relaxing and it’s meant to be educational because the whole goal of this is for you to get the experience of cooking these multicultural recipes that aren’t even just from today. We take you to these historical kitchens. We take you to Medieval China, we take you to Ancient Greece, and you learn to cook in these sort of historical kitchens that you might not be able to do in the real world. ... It brings out, I think, a lot of what’s best about VR: putting you in places you couldn’t be so that you can have experiences, but then at the same time you get to take something away.”

To go along with today’s announcement, Schell Games launched a new website for Lost Recipes: Along with information about the game, you’ll find a downloadable PDF of all the recipes featured in the game, so home chefs can prepare and serve up traditional dishes from Ancient Greece, Song Dynasty, China, and the Yucatan Peninsula, Maya, all in real life.

“Cooking has the power to bring people together, and we wanted to capture this experience for players in and outside of the Quest headset,” says Lost Recipes Project Director Melanie Harke. “Putting together a recipe book is something we knew we had to do while creating Lost Recipes, and we had fun preparing some of the dishes in real life as a team. We did have to modify the recipes because some of the actual ingredients and cooking methods aren’t available anymore.”

Mark your calendars: Lost Recipes launches January 27 on the Quest Platform. To learn more, check out Episode 2 of That Other Gaming Podcast, which includes an interview with Jesse Schell discussing the game.