SDK Update, New GDC Video, Global Shipping, and EVE Fanfest
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May 1, 2013

Oculus SDK Update – v0.2.1

We’ve released a new version of the Oculus SDK, v0.2.1 on the Oculus Developer Center. Highlights for this release include:

– Basic drift-correction using the magnetometer.
– Platform support for OS X.
– Chromatic aberration shader sample.

The drift correction is still very much in beta as we continue to tweak and improve it. Also, the Unity and Unreal integrations do not include these new features yet, but they will in the next release.

We’ve updated the documentation and samples as well. If you’re interested, you can read the full build notes for the release here.

Michael’s GDC Session

Michael, chief software architect and co-founder of Oculus, gave a talk with Nate at GDC entitled ‘Running the VR Gauntlet’. It’s a great primer for tackling the technical challenges behind developing games for VR, particularly around rendering and performance.

Last-minute Address Changes

We receive quite a few support emails from backers asking to change/update their shipping address after we’ve shipped their rewards.

Once your order status has advanced to “Processing”, you can no longer update your shipping information via the Oculus Order Manager. “Processing” means we’ve allocated your rewards and we’ve started the shipping process. At that point, there’s no turning back — your rewards are headed straight for that doorstep.

If your order isn’t “Processing” yet, please take a few minutes to verify and update your shipping information via the Oculus Order Manager right now. We can’t stress this enough. Changing your address after your order has begun “Processing” will cause your rewards to be delayed. Sorry for the inconvenience, but please, update your shipping information now.

Quick Shipping Update

As of May 1st, we’ve shipped roughly 3,700 development kits backers worldwide (and we have more units in transit from the factory to our global warehouses).

The breakdown thus far:
~500 to Asia and Oceania
~700 to Europe
~2,500 to North America

Our production rate continues to improve, and we’re currently building around 1,250 development kits each week. We’re now setup with new fulfillment centers in Europe and Asia, which should reduce delivery times for international backers.

We’ve also finished signing the t-shirts and posters, which have already begun shipping to backers. If you haven’t received all your rewards yet, hang tight — they’re coming soon!

EVE Fanfest 2013

We continue to be blown away by the creativity and enthusiasm of the developer community.

The latest ‘made-for-VR’ game comes from our friends (and Kickstarter backers) at CCP Games. EVR is a multiplayer space dog-fighting game based in the EVE Universe. The entire demo was built in just 7 weeks using the Oculus Unity integration by a small team of CCP devs working in their spare time. You can check out the trailer below:

With gorgeous visuals, engaging sound, intuitive controls, and a well-thought-out cockpit, it’s hands-down one of the best demos that we’ve played yet. The EVR dev team at CCP designed the whole experience exclusively for VR, and it really shows.

Over 1,000 pilots had the chance to try it at EVE Fanfest 2013 last weekend, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. A few people waited in line 5+ times for a chance to dominate the space battle. CCP hasn’t announced what they’re doing with EVR going forward, but we’re hoping everyone has a chance to try it soon.

6v6 space dog-fighting in VR null-sec. Photos by Arnaldur Halldórsson.

We’re really looking forward to seeing what the community comes up with next. As always, keep us posted on your new projects and demos.

We’ll see you in the game!

— Palmer and the Oculus team